Route 6

West of Hammerlocke lies Route 6, a rather sandy, rocky route that leads to the town of Stow-on-Side. You’ll need to travel through here in order to reach the town of the fourth Gym Badge.

Encounters in the area
Overworld Encounter
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Galarian-yamask Galarian Yamask GroundGhost 29–33 35%
Helioptile Helioptile ElectricNormal 29–33 29%
Dugtrio Dugtrio Ground 29–33 20%
Maractus Maractus Grass 29–33 10%
Axew Axew Dragon 29–33 Sw: 5%Sh: 1%
Trapinch Trapinch Ground 29–33 Sw: 1%Sh: 5%
Random Encounter
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Silicobra Silicobra Ground 28–30 30%
Durant Durant BugSteel 28–30 Sw: 20%Sh: 5%
Heatmor Heatmor Fire 28–30 Sw: 5%Sh: 20%
Duskull Duskull Ghost 28–30 18%
Skorupi Skorupi PoisonBug 28–30 10%
Hippopotas Hippopotas Ground 28–30 10%
Torkoal Torkoal Fire 28–30 5%
Hawlucha Hawlucha FightingFlying 28–30 2%
While Fishing
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Magikarp Magikarp Water 28–30 70%
Drednaw Drednaw WaterRock 28–30 20%
Goldeen Goldeen Water 28–30 10%
Shaking Trees
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Greedent Greedent Normal 28–30 100%
  • Two Team Yell Grunts will fight you in order to ensure a nearby Silicobra can sleep. Fight them and then they’ll get out of the way.
  • You’ll also be introduced to Opal, who will give you Opal’s League Card.
  • There are a lot of ladders for you to climb on the route and these will take you to various parts of the route. There’s one ladder near the beginning of the route that takes you to a fishing pond, and there’s another set of two ladders shortly after that. The second set is relatively irrelevant, but be especially mindful of ones after that.
  • If you want to progress on the route and make your way to Stow-on-Side, take the ladder on the right after fighting Backpacker Diane and her Sawk, then continue underneath the stone arches and keep following the path until you reach Stow-on-Side.
  • Otherwise, take the ladder to the left of Backpacker Diane and you’ll find a campsite as well as a researcher called Cara Liss, who will revive your fossils. She’ll need two fossils in order to revive a Pokémon — you’ll first need to give her either a Fossilized Bird or a Fossilized Fish, and then you’ll need to give her either a Fossilized Drake or a Fossilized Dino. The combination you give her determines which Pokémon will be revived:
    • Bird + Drake = Dracozolt
    • Bird + Dino = Arctozolt
    • Fish + Drake = Dracovish
    • Fish + Dino = Arctovish
    • You can get these items in the Wild Area, among other places.
    • You’ll also be able to take a Flying Taxi back here at any point, so it’s a good idea to check it out at least once.

Items on Route 6

  • Opal will give you Opal’s League Card after fighting the Team Yell Grunts.
  • There are 3 Ultra Balls if you hop down the first ledge you see.
  • If you take the ladder to the left of Backpacker Diane, you’ll find TM15 Dig to the right of the tent.
  • There are 2 Rare Bones hidden near Model Nicola, by taking the right ladder after Backpacker Diane.
  • Go down the southern ladder past Model Nicola, then follow the path along until you reach some tall grass. There are a few items in this area.
    • There’s a hidden Rare Candy to the south of the red sign, down a ladder.
    • TM30 Steel Wing can be found further south of that, accessible by jumping down a ledge and walking over to it.
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