After earning three Gym Badges and trekking through the Wild Area, you’ll be able to enter Hammerlocke, a gigantic castle town with many scenic buildings and points of interest for you to check out.

Getting Through Hammerlocke

There’s actually a lot of optional stuff to do in Hammerlocke, so feel free to read further below to make sure you don’t miss out. However, there are a few things you’ll actually need to do in Hammerlocke, so make sure you do these first and foremost.

  • Go to the center part of town and you’ll run into Bede talking with Chairman Rose and Oleana. Chairman Rose will invite you into the center Stadium.
  • Follow him inside and he’ll tell you about how the Energy Plant in Hammerlocke Stadium works to provide power to the city. He’ll then tell you to continue to Route 6.
  • Leave the Stadium and continue to the western part of town. You’ll run into Leon and will tell you to go to the vault on the way to Route 6.
  • Go to the western part of town and you’ll find Raihan in front of the vault. Talk to him and he’ll let you into the vault and give you Raihan’s League Card.
  • Go up the stairs to the left, then into the tapestry room of the vault by following the path (be sure to pick up TM29 Charm on the roof!). Talk to Sonia inside.
  • Now you’ll be free to head west onto Route 6 and make your way to Stow-on-Side.

Points of Interest

Central Part of Town

  • The Pokémon Center has a BP Shop which you can use to spend your BP (Battle Points) on. Talk to the woman with shades below the Poké Mart to access it. This won’t be of any use to you just yet, though.
  • There’s also a second clerk in the Poké Mart that has a few items to buy, such as Dusk Balls, Timer Balls, and different X Items. Keep in mind that it is most likely more efficient for you to buy Dusk Balls with Watts in the Wild Area, but this is still convenient.
  • The house directly to the left of the Pokémon Center has a man inside, Mr. Focus, that you can battle. He uses a Cottonee at level 2, but it holds a Focus Sash, which will keep it from fainting as long as it had full HP when it took damage, and it will then use Endeavor to reduce your HP to 1. He’ll give you the Focus Sash after beating him.
  • The house to the right of the Pokémon Center has a kid inside of it that will check to see how friendly your Pokémon is towards you, as well as a woman that will check to see how the EV Training progress of your Pokémon is coming along. If either of these are maxed, your Pokémon will receive a corresponding ribbon. You can also get the Soothe Bell by talking to a girl inside of that house.
  • Talk to Ball Guy in the Stadium to receive a Level Ball.

Western Part of Town

  • On the west side of town, there’s another Boutique, another Battle Café where the owner uses an Alcremie Lv. 37 and Slurpuff Lv. 37 in a Double Battle against you, and also a Salon to get your hair and/or makeup done.
  • Keep going to the west and you’ll find another Pokémon Center. This one has a secondary clerk that sells TMs.
  • Over in the courtyard on the western side of town, you can trade a lady in the bottom-left corner a Toxel for her Togepi.
  • Talk to a guy in the western side of town, near the drawbridge, and say you haven’t heard the rumor. He’ll tell you about Applin and how it evolves. He’ll then ask you to find and give him an Applin.
  • The Move Tutor for the special battle-combo moves — Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge — can be found on the western side, down the steps near the drawbridge. Talk to him and he’ll teach your starter Pokémon a move of the corresponding type.
  • You’ll get Raihan’s League Card inside of the vault from Raihan.
  • TM29 Charm can be found on the outer roof of the vault, before entering the tapestry room, in the bottom-right part of that area.
  • Sonia will give you 2 Revives after talking to her in the tapestry room of the vault.

Eastern Part of Town

  • There’s not a lot of excitement over in the eastern part of town, at least for now.
  • There’s a man inside of the second house along the way that will tell you about different weather conditions each day and will give you a corresponding item to increase the duration of these weather conditions from 5 turns to 8 turns. You can also buy the TMs for these weather moves in the Poké Mart in the Western Part of Town.
  • The Hammerlocke Station is accessible and can take you back to any previously-visited station, although it’s also just as easy to use the Flying Taxi.
  • Team Yell is blocking the path to the far eastern part of town, so you won’t be able to proceed any further down here.
  • There are quite a few items scattered around, so be sure to follow the directions down below to pick them all up.

Items in Hammerlocke

  • Beat Mr. Focus in the house to the left of the Pokémon Center for the Focus Sash.
  • A Soothe Bell is given to you by a girl in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center.
  • Over on the Western Part of Town…
    • There’s a hidden Super Repel by the hopscotch markings or to the north of the Salon, up against the wall.
    • There’s also 2 Hyper Potions to the north of that.
    • There’s a Muscle Band behind one of the benches to the southwest of the western Pokémon Center.
  • Over on the Eastern Part of Town…
    • There’s a hidden Dire Hit against the wall before the group of three houses.
    • Talk to the man inside of the second house along the eastern path and he’ll give you a different weather-affecting rock each day, from the Heat Rock, Icy Rock, Smooth Rock, or Damp Rock.
    • Climb up the stairs west of the Hammerlocke Station and there’s a Strawberry Sweet to the west.
    • There’s also a hidden Rare Candy to the northeast of the Poké Ball statue up those stairs, up against the building.
    • You can get the Old Letter by talking to a girl outside of the large building up above the Hammerlocke Station. You can deliver the Old Letter to someone later on in the game, over in Ballonlea, to receive a Choice Scarf.
    • There’s some Wise Glasses to the southeast of this girl.

Shops in Hammerlocke

Secondary Poké Mart Shop (Central Pokémon Center)
Dive Ball Dive Ball Pokédollar1000
Dusk Ball Dusk Ball Pokédollar1000
Timer Ball Timer Ball Pokédollar1000
X Speed X Speed Pokédollar1000
X Accuracy X Accuracy Pokédollar1000
Guard Spec. Guard Spec. Pokédollar1500
Dire Hit Dire Hit Pokédollar1000
BP Shop (Central Pokémon Center)
Rare Candy Rare Candy 20 BP
PP Up PP Up 10 BP
Power Bracer Power Bracer 10 BP
Power Belt Power Belt 10 BP
Power Lens Power Lens 10 BP
Power Band Power Band 10 BP
Power Anklet Power Anklet 10 BP
Power Weight Power Weight 10 BP
Macho Brace Macho Brace 10 BP
Destiny Knot Destiny Knot 10 BP
Razor Claw Razor Claw 10 BP
Protector Protector 10 BP
Reaper Cloth Reaper Cloth 10 BP
Whipped Dream Whipped Dream 10 BP
Sachet Sachet 10 BP
HP Up HP Up 2 BP
Protein Protein 2 BP
Iron Iron 2 BP
Calcium Calcium 2 BP
Zinc Zinc 2 BP
Carbos Carbos 2 BP
Secondary Poké Mart Shop (Western Pokémon Center)
TM50 Bullet Seed TM50 Bullet Seed Pokédollar10000
TM13 Fire Spin TM13 Fire Spin Pokédollar10000
TM55 Brine TM55 Brine Pokédollar10000
TM23 Thief TM23 Thief Pokédollar10000
TM32 Sandstorm TM32 Sandstorm Pokédollar10000
TM33 Rain Dance TM33 Rain Dance Pokédollar10000
TM34 Sunny Day TM34 Sunny Day Pokédollar10000
TM35 Hail TM35 Hail Pokédollar10000
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