Stow-on-Side Stadium (Shield)

In Pokémon Shield, the Stow-on-Side Stadium specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. Its Gym Leader is Allister and he’s quite shy, to the point where he’ll wear a mask to make fighting in front of a live audience much easier.

This page is for Pokémon Shield!

The are several differences between Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. One of the major differences is that there are two Gym Leaders that differ between the two games. The content below is only relevant to you if you’re playing Pokémon Shield.

How to Get Through the Stow-on-Side Gym Mission

The Stow-on-Side Gym Mission is definitely pretty interactive compared to other Gym Missions. It involves you spinning in a teacup down a slope, similarly to a pachinko machine.

In order to steer, you’ll have to actually spin your control stick in a direction. You can’t just hold a direction in move in that direction. It may be a little tricky to figure out at first, and which direction you spin the control stick — clockwise or counterclockwise — will determine which direction you go and at what speed.

  • For the first puzzle, there’s nothing too tough to figure out, except for learning the basic controls. Just do your best to spin in the direction you want to go, making your way all the way down to the lower area.
  • The second puzzle is more difficult and has a new mechanic in the form of eerie hands that will push your teacup far up.
    • You’re going to want to slide down and hug the right wall and guide yourself to the hand over on the right.
    • That and the hand after it should be enough to push you up to the top of the bend on the top-right.
    • As you fall down after that, hug the left side so you don’t fall onto the hand down below and can instead land on the platform.
  • The final puzzle is quite a bit trickier, so be ready for it.
    • You’ll want to go into that opening in the left first and foremost.
    • You’ll be pushed down by the hand on the ceiling.
    • Spin to the left, over to the hand there, and keep spinning left after that to fall into that hole on the left side.
    • The hand down that hole on the left side will launch your teacup up near the top again. You need to spin to head to the right as much as possible, along the “stairs” that go into the right side of the puzzle.
    • Hand chaos will take place after that, but you should be fine and arrive at the end.
  • Keep in mind that you can leave the challenge by taking the teleporter on any of the platforms, but you’ll have to restart your Gym Mission.
  • Once you’ve cleared all of the puzzles, you’ll be able to enter the heart of the Stadium and challenge Allister, the Gym Leader.
  • After beating Allister, he’ll give you the Ghost Badge, which allows you to catch Pokémon up to level 40. You’ll also get TM77 Hex afterwards as well as the Ghost Uniform.
  • You’ll then need to leave the Stadium and return to Stow-on-Side.

Gym Leader Battle

Trainer Battles
Gym Leader Allister
Galarian Yamask
Lv. 34
Lv. 34
Lv. 35
Lv. 36
Will Gigantamax on Turn 1

Allister uses a team of Ghost-type Pokémon, meaning your Normal- and Fighting-type moves are going to be completely useless against him. Conversely, this also means that his Ghost-type moves will be rendered useless against your Normal-type Pokémon, so bringing along a Normal-type Pokémon with a Dark- or Ghost-type move is a good idea.

His Galarian Yamask has an annoying ability, Wandering Spirit, which will swap its ability with your Pokémon’s ability if it’s hit with a direct contact move. It can hit you with Brutal Swing to bring back the ability, too, so don’t grow too attached to having your ability if you’re using moves that make contact. Other than that, it shouldn’t be too rough at all, but watch out as it may disable your moves with Disable.

Mimikyu can be fairly strong, but thankfully this one shouldn’t be too bad. Keep in mind that its Disguise ability ensures it will take one hit without taking any damage, so preferably hit it with a damaging move that lowers its stats or raises yours first before unleashing a stronger attack. It’s also part-Fairy-type, so Dark-type moves aren’t super-effective — use Ghost- or Steel-type moves instead.

Cursola is Galarian Corsola‘s evolution and it has a very high amount of Special Attack and Special Defense, so watch out for it! Ancient Power and Hex are its only attacking moves, though. It can use Curse to consume half of its max HP (even if it knocks it out) and will then put a curse on your Pokémon, dealing 25% of its max HP in damage each turn. Just switch out if your Pokémon gets hit with Curse unless you’re confident you can take down Cursola easily that turn.

Lastly is Allister’s Gengar, which is capable of Giganatamaxing into Gigantamax Gengar. Yikes! Gigantamax Gengar has G-Max Terror as its exclusive move, which hits really hard and also prevents the target from switching out for the rest of the battle. After its Gigantamax wears off, it will use Hypnosis and Hex to do a lot of damage, but otherwise it shouldn’t be too tough.

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