Hulbury is a beautiful port town in eastern Galar that is also home to the Hulbury Stadium, where Gym Challengers can fight against the Gym Leader, Nessa, for the Water Badge.

There’s also a lovely lighthouse along the shore, as well as numerous restaurants and other shops.

  • Now that you have the Grass Badge, new items will be available in the shop, most notably Great Balls for Pokédollar600 each and Super Potions for Pokédollar700 each. Neither are absolutely necessary and Super Potions don’t provide a great value, but they do heal a lot.
  • You’ll find directly east of the Pokémon Center a small gathering of people. It turns out it’s Chairman Rose incognito, along with his assistant, Oleana, and Bede, the Trainer you fought earlier in the Galar Mine.
  • You’ll be invited to join him at the restaurant, but only after you’ve gotten your Gym Badge.
  • There are a bunch of incense items available in the Incense Shop on the southern part of town. The Luck Incense is expensive, costing Pokédollar11,000, but it will double the amount of Pokédollar you earn after each fight if the Pokémon holding it participated in the battle at all, so it will pay itself off very fast.
  • There’s also an Herb Shop where you can buy herbs that are more cost-effective than their normal counterparts, and the Revival Herb will even heal fainted Pokémon to full-health like the unbuyable Max Revive does, but these items all lower the Pokémon’s happiness when you use them on the Pokémon.
    • This has no real effect unless used on Pokémon that evolve by happiness!
    • The moves Return and Frustration are not usable in Pokémon Sword & Shield, so there’s almost nothing outside of evolution that this happiness stat is even used for.
  • You can trade a Minccino you have for a Cottonee by talking to the lady at the picnic table southwest of the Incense Shop. Grazia’s Cottonee, Candyfloss, has the Prankster ability and is at level 23.
  • You need to go to the lighthouse in the northeastern part of town, past the Stadium, in order to find Nessa. Talk to her and she’ll return to the Stadium so you can challenge her. She’ll also give you her League Card.
  • After you’ve spoken with Nessa, you can proceed to the Hulbury Stadium.


  • There’s a Magnet in the southwest corner of the picnic and shop area. In other words, it’s southwest of the Incense Shop.
  • The Shell Bell can be found on the eastern part of town, over by the docked ships. It’s to the north of a few of the boats, by a bench.
  • There’s a hidden Full Heal after the set of houses on the way to the Stadium, in the bush just before some steps leading up.
  • There are 2 X Speeds hidden by the Hulbury Station, near the bench and the lamppost.
  • You can find 2 Super Potions hidden a bit after the Stadium, by the two postboxes.
  • You’ll get Nessa’s League Card after talking to her.
  • TM82 Electroweb is behind the lighthouse, near the fence and north of where you talked to Nessa.


Incense Shop
Rose Incense Rose Incense Pokédollar2000
Sea Incense Sea Incense Pokédollar2000
Wave Incense Wave Incense Pokédollar2000
Rock Incense Rock Incense Pokédollar2000
Odd Incense Odd Incense Pokédollar2000
Lax Incense Lax Incense Pokédollar5000
Full Incense Full Incense Pokédollar5000
Pure Incense Pure Incense Pokédollar6000
Luck Incense Luck Incense Pokédollar11000
Herb Shop
Energy Powder Energy Powder Pokédollar500
Energy Root Energy Root Pokédollar1200
Heal Powder Heal Powder Pokédollar300
Revival Herb Revival Herb Pokédollar2800
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