Scarlet & Violet EV Training Counter Tools

A fully EV trained Azumarill, with HP and Attack maxed

One of the more popular features on the Marriland website is the collection of EV Counter Tools for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. These help you count your Pokémon’s Effort Values while EV Training in those games, and show you how many more of a particular Pokémon you need to knock out.

It currently exists just for Scarlet & Violet and is included on six different pages—one for each stat—instead of on a single page, so you can use the links down below to navigate to which stat you’d like to use the EV Counter tool for:

Visit the EV Counter Tools/Guides for a Stat below:

Eventually this tool will be available as a more standalone tool with compatibility for older games. Thank you for your patience and I hope these help you out!

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