Turffield Stadium

The Turffield Stadium is the first Stadium you’ll actually be able to fight in during your quest through the Galar region. Stadiums are a lot like the Gyms of old, except they’re much larger and more elaborate.

In order to get through each Stadium, you’ll need to first clear the Gym Mission, which is usually in the form of a puzzle where you fight against Trainers along the way, and then you’ll have the privilege of challenging the Gym Leader in a massive Stadium large enough to accommodate Dynamaxed Pokémon.

Once you’ve started the Gym Mission, you’re unable to swap Pokémon out from your PC boxes, and if you leave the Gym Mission before clearing it, you’ll have to start back from the beginning of the Mission.

Grass-type Pokémon are the primary Pokémon type you’ll have to deal with here. Having Fire-, Flying-, or Ice-type Pokémon is a good idea, although Bug- and Poison-type Pokémon will also do well against most of the Grass-types you run into here as well (they aren’t as effective against the several Grass/Poison-types you fight).

  • You can buy uniforms at the shop on the left in the entrance hall to the Stadium. These are complete clothing sets and cost Pokédollar18,000 each.
    • You do not get to wear these during your Gym Challenge, but you can wear them like all of your other clothes.
    • The selection varies based on the game you’re playing — you’ll be able to buy all of the uniforms for types of Gym Leaders that you do not fight in your version.
  • The Gym Mission involves herding rolling Wooloo. Walk towards them and they will roll away from you. You need to guide them into the blue zone at the far end of the field, but sometimes there may be Trainers or obstacles in the way.
    • Any Yamper that are running around will chase away the Wooloo and cause them to scatter away from them instead of you.
    • You can fight their Trainers to calm the Yamper down so they won’t chase the Wooloo anymore, making it easier to guide them to the end.
  • The first puzzle is very easy — just roll the Wooloo to the blue zone at the top of the screen.
  • The second puzzle has two columns of hedges in the middle of the area. There’s also a Yamper that will chase the Wooloo away if it approaches them. Your best bet is to funnel the Wooloo to the left and push them down that path while the Yamper is in the middle. There’s a Gym Trainer you can fight on the right that will stop the Yamper from chasing the Wooloo once you beat him.
  • The third puzzle is a bit more challenging, as there are hedges in the middle and along the side, as well as two Yamper. You can funnel them all on one side or the other for an easier time, as long as you time it while the Yamper is closer to the inner part. Take down the Gym Trainer to stop the two Yamper from chasing the Wooloo if it is causing a problem for you.
  • After clearing the Gym Mission, you’ll be able to enter the Stadium and challenge the first Gym Leader in the game, Gym Leader Milo.
  • Beat Milo and he’ll give you the Grass Badge, which will let you catch Pokémon up to level 25.
  • You’ll also get TM10 Magical Leaf as well as the Grass Uniform.
  • After beating Milo, head east of town onto Route 5.

Gym Leader Battle

Trainer Battles
Gym Leader Milo
Lv. 19
Lv. 20
Will Dynamax on Turn 1

Milo uses two pure-Grass-type Pokémon — a Gossifleur and an Eldegoss — so you’ll have five types super-effective against them: Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, and Poison. Attacks of any of these types will do well against Milo.

If you started with Scorbunny, it should be a Raboot by this point and should have no trouble with the Gym Leader at all; if you chose Sobble, though, you’re going to want support from another Pokémon like Corvisquire, Growlithe/Arcanine, Vulpix/Ninetales, Dottler, Butterfree, or any other Pokémon that is super-effective against Grass. Having a resistance to Grass-type moves helps, too.

Milo’s Gossifleur and Eldegoss both have Magical Leaf, a 60-power Special-based Grass-type move that ignores accuracy and evasion modifiers. That hits reasonably hard, so don’t underestimate it, although again having a resistance to Grass will be a big help.

While Milo’s Gossifleur shouldn’t be too tough to take down, his Eldegoss will unleash the power of Dynamax on turn 1, transforming into a super-sized Dynamax form for three turns total. In its Dynamax form, it will gain a substantial increase to its HP and damage output. You can choose to either Dynamax your Pokémon on the first turn as well to counter it, or you can choose to focus on lowering its stats for three turns before opting to Dynamax yourself, so you can take it down in its weaker state. Just be sure you don’t waste your Dynamax opportunity against his Gossifleur — you should almost always use Dynamax against the Gym Leader’s final Pokémon, regardless of which Gym Leader you’re facing, rather than one of their earlier Pokémon.

Milo’s Dynamaxed Eldegoss turns its Grass-type moves into Max Overgrowth, which does a lot of Grass-type damage and also sets up a Grassy Terrain which will heal all Pokémon on the ground for a bit of their HP between turns. This also will boost the power of Grass-type moves by 50% while its effect is active, so future hits will do even more damage.

Items in the Turffield Stadium

  • Talk to Ball Guy in the entrance hall and he’ll give you a Friend Ball.
  • After beating Gym Leader Milo, you’ll earn TM10 Magical Leaf.
  • You’ll get the Grass Uniform for beating Milo as well.
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