Wild Area (2nd Visit)

After earning your third Gym Badge from Kabu in the Motostoke Stadium, your next destination is Hammerlocke to the north. The only way to get there is by crossing through the Wild Area once again, except you’ll need to journey through lands that were previously a bit too strong for you, at least when it came to catching Pokémon.

Now that you have three Gym Badges, you can catch Pokémon up to level 35, which opens up a lot of new Pokémon you can catch in the Wild Area.

Rotom Rally

Now that you have the Rotom Bike, you can talk to any of the Watt Traders throughout the Wild Area and take part in a minigame called the Rotom Rally, where you will need to ride your bike and collect balloons while staying under the time limit.

It’s a good way to earn some Watts, as you’ll earn some if you’re successful. Additionally, the first time you complete a Rotom Rally, you’ll earn TM14 Thunder Wave.

You can also spend Watts to upgrade your Rotom Bike’s recharge rate by talking to the Watt Trader. The first upgrade is 1,000 W, the second upgrade is 3,000 W, and the third upgrade is 5,000 W. Each upgrade reduces the amount of time it takes for your Rotom Bike to recharge its boost, which will allow you to clear more difficult Rotom Rallies.

How to Get to Hammerlocke

In order to get to Hammerlocke, assuming you haven’t done much exploring in the northern part of the Wild Area just yet, you’ll want to go east of Motostoke, in North Lake Miloch, until you find a bridge leading north. This was shown to you upon entering the Wild Area after leaving Motostoke with your Fire Badge.

Cross that bridge, then continue north. You should see a giant city in the background — that’s your destination, Hammerlocke. After crossing underneath the two bridges, you may want to divert your path to the west or east instead of going through the center, as the wild Pokémon in the Dusty Bowl (the center part) are a bit tougher and you won’t be able to catch them, whereas you should be able to catch most in the Giant’s Cap and Giant’s Mirror.

The entrance to Hammerlocke should be easy to find once you’re at the top of the Wild Area — it’s in the middle of the topmost part of it.

As you try to enter Hammerlocke, the man guarding it will verify that you have the Grass Badge, Water Badge, and Fire Badge. After he does, Bede will show up and enter Hammerlocke as well.

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