Privacy Policy

The Marriland website’s Privacy Policy was last updated on September 15, 2022.

TL;DR Version (aka Short Version) uses standard stuff you find on the internet that may track your visit to pages on the site (with cookies — not the tasty kind).

  • Google Analytics so I know how many people are visiting, what state/province/country visitors are from, what pages they’re visiting, and stuff like that.
  • Playwire to serve personalized ads based on your browsing history. A site — with ADS on it?! Never seen one of those on the internet, am I right?! (Heck, you might even have an ad-blocker on… 🙁 The ads here aren’t so bad, though, so maybe you’ll be nice and turn it off here!)
  • YouTube videos embeds, Facebook share buttons, Twitter share buttons or embeds. These kinda just… happen, you know? It’s not like I’m telling them “Hey here’s this person, take all of their PRIVACIES!!1” but they just kinda do that stuff to do what they do.
  • Amazon Associates links will place a cookie telling Amazon that your visit came from my site. They may track it or process it according to their policies.

That should be the basics. Hopefully it’s easy-to-read and has enough common sense for you to decide whether or not you feel comfortable continuing your use on the Marriland website.

If you want more juicy walls of privacy policy text, look no further, because I’ve got plenty more down below for you to pretend to read.

What Data We Collect And Why

We (“Marriland”) collect data pertaining to visits on the Website (“”) in order to: better understand the site’s audience through analytics; serve dynamic, personalized advertisements; provide embedded content such as videos and social media excerpts; and track inbound and outbound links to affiliate sites and services.

Personal data such as your real name, e-mail address and street address are not collected through any first- or third-party unless you voluntarily supply this information. Geolocation data, sufficient to identify your state, province, and/or country, may be gathered by third-party services such as Google Analytics or Playwire.

Country data may be used to personalize your experience in order to comply with certain regional laws, such as the GDPR for viewers from the European Economic Area to whom it applies. This information is gathered server-side using your IP address as a means to check your location. Your IP address and browser headers may be included in server logs used for diagnostic reasons.

Information gathered directly by the Website is not sold, resold, or distributed to any service other than the mentioned services. Aggregate data, such as total number of monthly users or pageviews, may be relayed to third-parties interested in marketing or advertising. Data gathered by third-party services are subject to their respective data collection and/or retention policy, as well as their own privacy policies.

This data may be tracked by using Cookies to store metadata on your browser that can be referenced and reused by the Website and its third-party services. How these Cookies are used is outlined in the Website’s Cookie Policy.

Who We Share Data With

Google Analytics

Aggregate data is shared with Google to provide analytics through their Google Analytics service. The data obtained should not be capable of uniquely identifying any user or visitor of the website and is intended to provide an aggregate look at overall viewership to the site, including traffic patterns, sources, behavior, and so on.

IP addresses collected by Google Analytics are anonymized before being sent and recorded by Google’s servers. This still provides enough geolocation data to determine state or country, but not enough to uniquely identify a given user.

You can learn more about Google Analytics and its policies by visiting their website.

Playwire and Its Partners

Playwire is the Marriland website’s advertising solution, which handles all of the dynamic ads on the website (excluding manually inserted ads, such as Amazon affiliate links, sponsorships, promoted posts, and also any ads that run on embedded YouTube videos).

You can read more about their privacy policy by visiting their website.

Google AdSense and Its Partners

Google and its partners are responsible for serving advertisements on the Website. Unless you opt-out, these advertisements may be personalized based on your browsing history across other sites through the use of Cookies.

By default, Cookies are also set upon visiting each page on the Website to further personalize your ad experience here and on other sites in Google’s ad network.

Any personalization or ads shown to any individual viewer of the Website is inaccessible to the Website’s owner or operators — for example, if your personalized experience is showing you ads for cars, the Website owner (Marriland) would not be able to identify that you, specifically, are into cars or looking for a new car. This information is only provided to Google and its ad network partners.

You can learn more about Google advertisement policies by visiting their website.


As part of the Amazon Associates program, certain pages on the Website may include affiliate links to products on These instances will always be disclosed with a disclaimer at the bottom of any page containing them.

By clicking through one of the aforementioned links, a Cookie may be placed on your browser indicating that the Website ( was the referrer. Additionally, you are then subject to Amazon’s Privacy Policy by using their website.


On any page containing an embedded YouTube video, loading that video and/or interacting with it may share data with YouTube.

If you have an account on YouTube, playing or interacting that video may save such interactions to your account or its history.

If you do not have an account on YouTube or are not logged into your account on YouTube on the browser you are viewing the Website on, information may still be tracked for analytic purposes, such as registering total views on the video, tracking total time watched, and similar features.

You can learn more by reviewing YouTube’s (Google’s) privacy policy.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

When you click through to any social media links to share posts, pages, tools, or other features on the site, you will be taken to the appropriate social media site and will then be governed by the privacy policies of that service.

Additionally, some social media posts that are embedded into the Website ( may also track your interaction or behavior in regards to the included post, such as whether it was viewed, clicked on, whether you are logged in or not, and so on.

You can learn more about Twitter’s policies on the matter on their website.


The Website makes use of “short URLs” or “shortlinks” for various purposes, primarily to make easier-to-type URLs or URLs that take up fewer characters in their links. The two domains that are associated with Marriland short URLs are and

These two domains use Bitly’s URL shortening service to shorten URLs and redirect them to destination pages on the Website. These shortened URLs also provide analytics shared with Bitly to measure the traffic, traffic sources, and other analytics.

You can learn more about Bitly’s privacy policy on their website.

Data Retention Policy

Due to the nature of the Website, any user-generated content will remain posted indefinitely, unless the user manually deletes their content using their account or requests (with verification) that their data be deleted by an administrator.

Server logs are maintained for a 60-day period and are not publicly available. These are not shared with any third-party and are used solely for diagnostic or abuse prevention reasons.

Anonymized analytic data on Google Analytics is retained for an indefinite period to monitor growth over time and understand trends so the Website can react accordingly.

COPPA Notice

The Website is available to viewers of all ages and its market is primarily high-school teenagers and college-age adults that grew up playing Pokémon. Certain features and functionality may require parental consent for registered users under 13 years of age, such as registering for an account on the Website.

If it is determined that a user is under 13 years of age, features and functionality will be disabled until a parent or legal guardian is able to provide verifiable consent that the child may access these features on the website.

Common ID Cookie

This site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies such as the Common ID cookie to provide its services. Cookies are important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring a robust online advertising industry. The Common ID cookie stores a unique user id in the first party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. This simple ID that can be utilized to improve user matching, especially for delivering ads to iOS and MacOS browsers. Users can opt out of the Common ID tracking cookie by clicking here.

GDPR (For European Viewers)

Viewers located within the European Economic Area are afforded rights under the GDPR, and the Website intends to be as transparent and straightforward as possible in ensuring those rights are respected. Please first understand that this is just a small Pokémon fansite based in the United States, not a billion-Euro corporation.

Upon visiting the Website for the first time, a notification should have appeared for you asking whether or not you accept the Privacy Policy, as well as offering you a chance to read it here. This is based on your IP address indicating that you are currently located in the European Economic Area and stores a Cookie on your browser after answering in the affirmative.

Should you require your personal data to be removed from the Website systems, you must contact us with the information you are requesting removed, as well as valid proof of your identity to determine the legitimacy of your request. Likewise, requests for personal data for the sake of portability require proof of identity.

Keep in mind that some information and data is stored by third-parties and is inaccessible for the Website to access or remove. You may need to reach out to the services listed above to request their data be removed or for their data to be made available.

Advertising Privacy Settings

FOR EU/UK USERS ONLY: When you use our site, pre-selected companies may access and use certain information on your device and about your interests to serve ads or personalized content. You may revisit or change consent-choices at any time by clicking here.

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