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Pokémon Sword & Shield are upcoming main-series games for the Nintendo Switch. They mark the beginning of Generation VIII (8) of Pokémon, are set in a new region — the Galar Region — and will include a number of new Pokémon in addition to old Pokémon.

These two games are set for a worldwide release sometime in late 2019. No specific release date has been given as of this moment.

You’ll find coverage here for all officially-revealed information on Pokémon Sword & Shield (no leaks, no rumors, aside from verified CoroCoro scans), broken up into different sections that will eventually form together as a mini-guide for the game. Later on, I hope to include a walkthrough for Pokémon Sword & Shield to help you get through the games once they are released.

New Pokémon

Pokémon Sword and Shield Starters

As of March 2019, there are 3 new Pokémon that have been officially revealed. You can see a listing of all of the new Pokémon below.

Grookey is a Grass-type Monkey Pokémon and one of the three Starter Pokémon you can choose for your adventure. It is mostly green while having a few other color features to its body. It appears to have a stick of some sort near its head.Grookey
Scorbunny is a Fire-type Rabbit Pokémon and one of the three Starter Pokémon you can choose for your adventure. It’s a white and reddish rabbit that appears to be quite nimble and athletic, not to mention very fast.Scorbunny
Sobble is a Water-type Water Lizard Pokémon and one of the three Starter Pokémon you can choose for your adventure. It’s a bluish lizard that has a rather saddened appearance, along with a fin on its head.Sobble

New Characters

As with most Pokémon games, Pokémon Sword & Shield are bound to introduce many new characters, with the possibility of some older characters returning.

Male Trainer sending out a Pokémon.
The male player character in Pokémon Sword and Shield.
Female Trainer in a Trainer Battle
The female player character (left) engaging in a Trainer Battle.

Galar Region

Map of the Galar Region
The Galar Region in its entirety. Click the image to see a larger version.

Pokémon Sword & Shield take place in the Galar Region. Not much is known about this region yet, but it is almost certainly based off of Great Britain.


Here are a few screenshots of Pokémon Sword & Shield.

News Updates

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