Galar Mine

The Galar Mine is a cavernous mine that connects Route 3 with Route 4. You’ll need to cross through here in order to reach your goal of arriving in Turffield.

Encounters in the area
Overworld Encounter
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Rolycoly Rolycoly Rock 11–14 35%
Timburr Timburr Fighting 11–14 25%
Woobat Woobat PsychicFlying 11–14 15%
Diglett Diglett Ground 11–14 10%
Drilbur Drilbur Ground 11–14 10%
Timburr Timburr Fighting 11–14 5%
Short Version

To speed up completion of the walkthrough, some pages will be condensed until a “short version” until there’s time to go through and write a more detailed guide through. You’ll still find any important information, any boss fights, as well as all items I found during my first playthrough cataloged below, but it won’t be as in-depth as the fully-completed version will be.

Short Version

  • To quickly get through the cave without getting any items, just follow the minecart tracks and it will lead you to the exit. You’ll have to cross a bridge between the two separate minecart tracks.
  • At the very end, you’ll discover that smug Trainer you met earlier during registration. He’ll introduce himself as Bede and will battle you.

Boss Battles

Trainer Battles
Pokémon Trainer Bede
Lv. 13
Lv. 15
Lv. 16

Items in the Galar Mine

  • If you take a left at the first branch on the minecart tracks, you can follow the path west, fight Worker Keith, and then go south after him.
    • There’s 3 Great Balls in a separate path to the north.
    • Keep going south from here and you’ll exit back onto Route 3 so you can pick up TM54 Rock Blast.
  • TM26 Scary Face can be found by taking the second left along the minecart tracks and fighting Worker Georgia.
  • There’s a hidden Hard Stone to the right before crossing the first bridge.
  • You can find Heavy-Duty Boots by a minecart on the right after crossing the first bridge.
  • A hidden Revive can be found near the wheelbarrow in the north part of that same room, after crossing the first bridge.
  • An Ether (hidden) is by some crates near the second minecart tracks.
  • 2 Super Potions can be found near the bend on the second set of minecart tracks, after the bridge and before the boss fight.
  • There’s a hidden Stardust near the crates in the upper-left part of the room where you fought Bede.

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