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While the Marriland website is a project created by its founder, Marriland (hi, that’s me!), it wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of other websites, projects, and community members throughout the internet.



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Pokémon Data, References, and Resources

First and foremost, all Pokémon names, images, data, and related properties are © Pokémon. Any use on is for the benefit of the Pokémon community, to provide content, information, help, and resources for casual players. This is an independently operated website and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

That being said, there are many other Pokémon websites out there, each one offering something helpful and unique, and compiling the various information and data in Pokémon games in their own way. There are also many members in the community that have various techniques to acquire the “raw data” from the Pokémon games. I would like to give thanks and credit to any of these websites I have used for fact-checking, research, and data collection, along with any prominent community members that have provided some of the raw data that was processed by to include in its own databases or pages.



Veekun offers not just a nice Pokédex for Gen 1-7, but also has resources such as sprites and even full database dumps that are available for viewers and creators alike. In addition to the website, the Veekun github repository has the website’s source code and scores of data from the Pokémon games.

The data and resources offered from Veekun have been used and processed as the base of most data on the Marriland website. It has been refactored to fit the data storage and style needed for the Marriland website, but it still serves as the root of a lot of information. is a long-time staple of the Pokémon community, a valuable news source, and a library of so much Pokémon information across pretty much every single Pokémon game out there.

Although images and most data were not used directly from, it is a source that is used for fact-checking and double-checking information to verify it is correct. Some pieces of data that were not present in the raw data dumps or Veekun data may have been used from


Bulbagarden’s massive Pokémon Wiki, Bulbapedia, is another staple of the Pokémon community and a site that most Pokémon fans are well aware of. It has a ton of information on pretty much every element of Pokémon.

Its content license prohibits using its original Bulbapedia content on any commercial projects and it must be attributed to Bulbapedia as well as released under the same license.

Marriland uses Bulbapedia as a reference, for fact-checking and double-checking purposes, and also for research purposes. Original Bulbapedia content (which is presumably written descriptions or made-for-Bulbapedia images as opposed to factual data present in the games) is not used on the Marriland website.

Raw Data

Extracting and processing the raw data, such as encounter rates, base stats, Pokédex information, Trainer data, and more is quite the task! It’s also an important part of learning and understanding the various Pokémon games.

@Kaphotics, @SciresM, and @mattyoukhana_

I’d like to give big credit to @Kaphotics, @SciresM, and @mattyoukhana_ on Twitter for providing text files containing an incredible amount of information for every new game release.

These text files are very helpful for casual viewers to learn about the new games right as they’re released (totally never before they’re released, of course), but these also serve as the base for a lot of information used on the Marriland website. Marriland parsed and processed these raw files into a format for use on the Marriland website, which was very helpful, especially for the initial release of Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Huge thanks to them for their work on poking around at the games so people can better understand them!

Leanny’s Seed Checker Den Overviews

While Leanny’s Seed Checker tool might be a bit advanced for some users, it also has a good listing of all of the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra Dens.

As this information was not easily accessible in raw data dumps (at least for the SwSh DLC), this information used on the Marriland website has been sourced from here, since it is taken directly from the game.

Code Libraries

  • WordPress for the website’s front-end and back-end, which is especially useful for written content.
  • Pokésprite for small icons of all of the Pokémon icons, including items and miscellaneous icons. It’s a good project that can also be handy for having a CSS icon spritesheet. Some of these icons were used throughout the Marriland website.
  • DataTables is a very useful, very extensible JavaScript-based table library. It’s used to power several of the information tables you see on the Marriland website, such as the Pokédex lists.

Site Contributions

This section is reserved for any major contributors to the website that deserve credit! Pointing things out, mistakes, bugs, etc. is helpful, but that alone probably isn’t enough to get you here. It’s still very appreciated, though!

But if you’re interested in any contributing any guides, full-on walkthroughs, translations/localizations in your local language, raw data (especially for side games), or things like that, that can definitely get you a spot here.

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