Marriland IV Calculator

The Marriland IV Calculator is a tool that can be used to determine your Pokémon’s Individual Values (IVs) in the main series Pokémon games. Please keep in mind that this calculator does NOT work for Pokémon GO or for Generation 1 or 2. Preliminary support for Scarlet & Violet is now available—go ahead and see if this works out as an option for checking IVs in Scarlet & Violet.

What’s an Individual Value or IV? Every unique Pokémon, whether caught or hatched, has a number ranging from 0 through 31 for each of its six stats. This number is not directly shown to the player (though some later games have a Judge NPC or function that can help you determine these numbers), so if you want to know the exact IVs of your Pokémon, you need to use a tool like the IV Calculator.

IVs are part of the equation for a Pokémon’s in-game stats, along with its Base Stats and Effort Values; it’s very important to calculate IVs on freshly-caught or freshly-hatched Pokémon; if they’ve gained any EXP from battles, they’ve gained Effort Values (EVs), and these will affect the calculations, so unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to use this only on untrained Pokémon otherwise the numbers will not be accurate.

Go ahead and input the information below from your Pokémon in a compatible game to figure out or narrow down its Individual Values:

Hidden Power Type:
Lv. HP Atk Def SAt SDf Spd

IV Calculation Results

Sp. Atk:
Sp. Def:


In order to operate the IV Calculator, you need to input the level and stats of your Pokémon in the table above. These stats need to match the stats that are shown in your game. Also, make sure you input your Pokémon’s Nature in the settings on the top of the page, otherwise the IV Calculator will not be accurate. (You can further increase the accuracy by choosing its Characteristic, although this is optional, and only available in Gen. 4+.) Additionally, if the Input EVs option is checked further up, you can input the confirmed EVs your Pokémon has. If you don’t know what EVs are, you should only use this tool on freshly-caught Pokémon (with no EXP), as Pokémon that were leveled up by fighting ANY Pokémon will have EVs to increase their stats, which will give you inaccurate results.

Whenever you’re ready, hit the ✔ Calculate! button in the table above and you’ll see the results shown below. To help narrow down possible IVs, you can also hit the + Add a Level button to give you another row to input your stats into. This should be either the stats at the next level, or the stats at whatever level the IV Calculator tells you to check at next. When leveling up, it is very important to keep track of your Effort Values (EVs), or to use “safe” leveling methods like Rare Candies or Exp. Candies (you can save before using them and reset afterwards if you don’t want to “waste” them).

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