Turffield is home of the first Stadium that you’ll actually be able to battle in, but there’s also a bit more to explore around town before you head to the Stadium.

The path to the east is blocked off until after you’ve beaten the Gym Leader, though.

Short Version

To speed up completion of the walkthrough, some pages will be condensed until a “short version” until there’s time to go through and write a more detailed guide through. You’ll still find any important information, any boss fights, as well as all items I found during my first playthrough cataloged below, but it won’t be as in-depth as the fully-completed version will be.

Short Version

  • The Stadium is in the center of town and pretty hard to miss. You’re eventually going to want to go there so you can take on the Gym Mission and the Gym Leader, but the path is blocked at first.
  • From the entrance, head west, following Sonia’s Yamper until you reach the top of a hill. Sonia will show you a mysterious glyph in the side of a nearby hill, tell you a bit of a story, and then give you Milo’s League Card, as well as 2 Revives.
  • Now you’ll be free to go to the Stadium in the center of town.

Items in Turffield

  • There’s a hidden Energy Root by the bushes along the eastern path towards Route 5.
  • There’s a hidden Everstone by some rocks after following a path on the eastern part of town, near the bridge, back down towards the Stadium.
  • TM97 Brutal Swing can be found down that same path, first by going towards the eastern part of town, then following another path all the way down towards the Stadium.
  • A Max Revive is over on the western part of town, down by some railings near the Stadium, past the flower shop.
  • There are 3 X Attacks along the path Sonia’s Yamper leads you on, taking a right down the stairs and then up towards an arch.
  • There’s a hidden Leaf Stone if you take a left instead, then go south by the edge of the fence.
  • 2 Revives are given to you by Sonia.
  • There’s also a hidden Fresh Water by the drinking fountains in the area Sonia is at, on the right.
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