Turffield is home of the first Stadium that you’ll actually be able to battle in, but there’s also a bit more to explore around town before you head to the Stadium.

The path to the east is blocked off until after you’ve beaten the Gym Leader, though.

Quick Version

  • The Stadium is in the center of town and pretty hard to miss. You’re eventually going to want to go there so you can take on the Gym Mission and the Gym Leader, but the path is blocked at first.
  • From the entrance, head west, following Sonia’s Yamper until you reach the top of a hill. Sonia will show you a mysterious glyph in the side of a nearby hill, tell you a bit of a story, and then give you Milo’s League Card, as well as 2 Revives.
  • Now you’ll be free to go to the Stadium in the center of town.

Items in Turffield

  • There’s a hidden Energy Root by the bushes along the eastern path towards Route 5.
  • There’s a hidden Everstone by some rocks after following a path on the eastern part of town, near the bridge, back down towards the Stadium.
  • TM97 Brutal Swing can be found down that same path, first by going towards the eastern part of town, then following another path all the way down towards the Stadium.
  • A Max Revive is over on the western part of town, down by some railings near the Stadium, past the flower shop.
  • There are 3 X Attacks along the path Sonia’s Yamper leads you on, taking a right down the stairs and then up towards an arch.
  • There’s a hidden Leaf Stone if you take a left instead, then go south by the edge of the fence.
  • 2 Revives are given to you by Sonia.
  • There’s also a hidden Fresh Water by the drinking fountains in the area Sonia is at, on the right.
  • You can get an Expert Belt by talking to the girl near the arches leading to where you meet with Sonia, then examining three of the standing stones in town in a specific order. Read the detailed version below for a full explanation.

Detailed Version

As soon as you arrive in town, you’ll be greeted by Hop, who will direct your attention to the Turffield Stadium in the center of town. Unfortunately you won’t be able to visit it just yet, but thankfully there’s someone looking to meet up with you — Sonia! She’s up on the hill to the west of town, and her Yamper will run over to you and Hop after a bit more dialogue to lead you in the right direction.

There’s a bit to explore in Turffield, but you might as well start by getting business out of the way, since you can’t visit the Stadium yet anyway, so head to the west.

Follow Yamper until you reach a fork in the road where you can head either left or right as well as straight ahead. Pick up the 3 X Attacks on the path to the right and the hidden Leaf Stone on the southern part of the path to the left. The Leaf Stone can be used to evolve a few Pokémon such as Gloom into Vileplume, Nuzleaf into Shiftry, and also now Eevee into Leafeon.

Anyway, make your way up to the top of the hill and you’ll find Sonia, along with her Yamper. She’ll talk a bit about the Darkest Day and Dynamax and will then give you Milo’s League Card after some more dialogue. She’ll also give you 2 Revives which may help you for the upcoming Gym.

While you’re up on the hill, pick up the hidden Fresh Water to the east in the water fountains.

Sidequest: Turffield's Treasure

There’s also a young girl you can talk to wearing pink near the entrance to the hilly area. She’ll talk about a treasure in Turffield and will tell you that the clues lie in the standing stones around town.

“Seek yourself three standing stones, with Grass before the other ones. Use well that strength, and find then the strength of its strength in the end. Dally not, if you’ve a mind to find what time has left behind.”

You need to talk to her in order to start this sidequest, though. After talking to her, you can press A near various standing stones throughout town, such as the ones on the left and right path by the fork in the road. They have different carvings on them that represent different types.

You need to examine them in a specific order in order to find the treasure. Following the riddle she gave you, you need to start with Grass, then find what is strong against it, and then what’s strong against that, so you’ll need to search Grass, then Water, then Fire in that order. There are other standing stones with other types, but these are red herrings and don’t aid you in solving the riddle.

  • The Grass standing stone can be found past the flower shop, to the west of the Stadium.
  • The Water standing stone can be found by the man to the north of where you picked up the Leaf Stone.
  • The Fire standing stone is all the way on the eastern side of town, to the north of the bridge to Route 5.

Search them in the order of Grass, Water, and then Fire last and you’ll be rewarded with an Expert Belt, which powers up all of the holder’s super effective moves by 20%.

In the northern part of town, you’ll find the Pokémon Center. There’s nothing too interesting there, but it might be a good idea to heal up your Pokémon while you’re there.

To the east of the Pokémon Center is the path leading to Route 5, but there’s also a hidden Energy Root along the left-hand side of the path by a bush. You can’t access Route 5 just yet, but you can walk down a little path towards the Stadium that has a hidden Everstone to the south by some stones and then TM97 Brutal Swing behind the tree down by the Stadium itself. The Everstone is useful for breeding to pass along the nature of the holder to the offspring, but otherwise it just prevents the Pokémon holding it from evolving while it’s held, so it’s not something you’ll want equipped unless you like unevolved Pokémon. Brutal Swing is a decent Dark-type move, but not very many Pokémon can learn it.

Head back to the Pokémon Center in the center part of town and then proceed north towards the Stadium. You’re actually free to enter it now, but you can also check out the path to the west first. There’s a flower shop there, but you can’t actually buy any flowers. You can follow the path all the way to the end, near the Stadium, to find a useful Max Revive. These should be saved for very tough battles, as they can’t be bought and are limited in supply.

Go back to the center part and continue towards the Stadium. You’ll find Hop bragging that he got his Grass Badge already, so now it’s your turn to take on the Turffield Stadium.

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