Motostoke Outskirts

While technically optional, you’ll arrive in the Motostoke Outskirts to the east of Motostoke after finding Kabu in Galar Mine No. 2. You can just take a Flying Taxi back to Motostoke, but there are a few items and Pokémon for you here in Motostoke Outskirts you might want to check out first.

Encounters in the area
Overworld Encounter
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Noctowl Noctowl NormalFlying 22–26 Sw: 40%Sh: 35%
Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Rock 22–26 30%
Koffing Koffing Poison 22–26 15%
Hatenna Hatenna Psychic 22–26 10%
Sawk Sawk Fighting 22–26 Sw: 5%
Throh Throh Fighting 22–26 Sh: 5%
Salandit Salandit PoisonFire 22–26 Sh: 5%
Random Encounter
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Scraggy Scraggy DarkFighting 21–24 Sw: 35%
Croagunk Croagunk PoisonFighting 21–24 Sh: 35%
Roggenrola Roggenrola Rock 21–24 30%
Pawniard Pawniard DarkSteel 21–24 20%
Chewtle Chewtle Water 21–24 10%
Impidimp Impidimp DarkFairy 21–24 5%

  • There’s really nothing exciting on the route other than a few useful new Pokémon, so just grab all of the items and Pokémon you want, fight the Trainers, and then head west to return to Motostoke.
  • Once you’re in Motostoke, you’ll need to head to the Budew Drop Inn. Scroll down to see more about what takes place in Motostoke, as it is not on its own page.


  • Behind the fence immediately upon exiting the cave is an Amulet Coin, which is very helpful for increasing the amount of money you earn after battles.
  • To the south of the sign, in an opening in the tall grass, are 3 Great Balls.
  • There’s a hidden PP Up in a rock in the northwest corner of the grassy area.
  • There are more miscellaneous feathers hidden on the bridge going to Motostoke.


  • Before you can take on the Motostoke Stadium, you’ll need to get some rest at the Budew Drop Inn. You’ll find Marnie in there and she’ll want to battle you.
  • After beating her, she’ll give you Kabu’s League Card as well as 2 Burn Heals. These Burn Heals are actually quite helpful — you might want to buy some more before taking on the Stadium.
  • Head to the Stadium and you’ll run into Hop waiting outside, who has just earned his Fire Badge. You don’t have to fight him, don’t worry.
  • Enter the Motostoke Stadium.

Boss Battle

Trainer Battles
Pokémon Trainer Marnie
Lv. 24
Lv. 24
Lv. 26

Marnie primarily uses Dark-type Pokémon, but also has a Croagunk that should counter any Fairy- or Fighting-types looking to take advantage of that weakness. Her Morpeko is probably the biggest threat on her team and hits surprisingly hard.

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