Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Walkthrough

A wide view of the region

Welcome to the index for the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Walkthrough! This is meant to provide fairly easy navigation to the various pages within the walkthrough, with each section and page containing the actual information.

Before You Begin

This section contains some information about the walkthrough, including updates to it, how to navigate through it, and also things like the recommended order to take on the three main storyline objectives in.

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough Updates
  3. How to Use the Walkthrough
  4. About Victory Road
  5. About Path of Legends
  6. About Starfall Street
  7. About Optional Areas
  8. Recommended Order

The Academy

Before you proceed to the main storyline of the game, you’ll need to first enroll in either the Naranja Academy (Scarlet) or the Uva Academy (Violet). This section covers getting to Mesagoza and enrolling, so then you can proceed onwards.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Poco Path
  3. Inlet Grotto
  4. Path to Los Platos (also covers the nearby ruins where Flamigo, a useful Pokémon, can be found)
  5. Los Platos
  6. Path to Mesagoza
  7. Mesagoza
  8. Naranja / Uva Academy

Victory Road

This section covers all of the eight Gyms scattered throughout the region, along with their Gym Leaders and how to get there. You’ll find maps that lead you to the different Gyms to help make things easier.

  1. Cortondo Gym (Bug)
  2. Artazon Gym (Grass)
  3. Levincia Gym (Electric)
  4. Cascarrafa Gym (Water)
  5. Medali Gym (Normal)
  6. Montenevera Gym (Ghost)
  7. Alfornada Gym (Psychic)
  8. Glaseado Gym (Ice)
  9. Finale (Elite Four / Champion)

Path of Legends

This section covers tracking down the five supersized Titan Pokémon and helping your schoolmate Arven obtain the Herba Mystica. As with the Victory Road section, you’ll find several helpful maps here to help track down these Titans.

  1. Stony Cliff Titan
  2. Open Sky Titan
  3. Lurking Steel Titan
  4. Quaking Earth Titan
  5. False Dragon Titan
  6. Finale

Starfall Street

This section covers taking down the five Team Star bases scattered through the Paldea region in order to help a mysterious hacker known as Cassiopeia.

  1. How to Take on Team Star Bases
  2. Dark Crew (Giacomo)
  3. Fire Crew (Mela)
  4. Poison Crew (Atticus)
  5. Fairy Crew (Ortega)
  6. Fighting Crew (Eri)
  7. Finale

The Way Home

After you’ve cleared Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street, the three storyline arcs will intertwine into the final main storyline: The Way Home. This is the endgame storyline, and it contains plenty of spoilers, so beware if you haven’t already completed the main storylines.

  1. Area Zero (Surface)
  2. Area Zero (Secret Cave) (optional)
  3. Area Zero (Cavern)
  4. Final Battle (Scarlet version)
  5. Final Battle (Violet version)
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