Los Platos

Nemona at the Pokémon Center calling over to the player

As you arrive in Los Platos, Nemona will stop you by the Pokémon Center. Pokémon Centers can be found throughout the region, even outside of cities, and you can heal your Pokémon there, you can buy and sell items at the Poké Mart, and you can use the Techincal Machine Machine—the TM Machine for short—to craft TMs that you know how to make using material that Pokémon drop along with a new currency, LP, which stands for League Points. You can actually use LP instead of  Poké Dollars for a lot of transactions, too, but not the other way around.

Flying Taxi and the Map
Also, you can now fly using the Flying Taxi back to previous areas you’ve visited. You can do this by opening up your map by pressing Y, and then moving your cursor over a point on the map with a wing icon or over any Pokémon Center with a wing icon on it (ones that you haven’t visited will not have that wing and cannot be flown to until you’ve been near them).

One helpful tip with your map: you can press in on the right control stick to lock the full map to a northward orientation, meaning north is always on the top; otherwise, it can be rotated by rotating the right control stick, which isn’t always wanted and can sometimes lead to confusion depending on how you like to read maps. This does not affect the minimap on the bottom-right corner of the screen while outside of the map menu, though.

You can also add a destination marker by pressing A on any point in the map or on locations and the marker will appear on your minimap, giving you an idea of which direction to travel to reach it.

Whenever you’re ready to head out, leave for Mesagoza from the northern exit of town.

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