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Nemona, with the words VICTORY ROAD on screen

One of the three main storyline arcs is Victory Road, which is a more traditional adventure, where your goal is to travel to eight different Pokémon Gyms, challenge the Gym Leader, and then earn a Gym Badge. Collect all eight Gym Badges and you’ll be able to head to the Pokémon League to take on the Elite Four and the Champion.

Well, it’s a bit different in Scarlet & Violet, since now you aren’t competing to become the Champion, but rather pass the Champion Assessment and become Champion Rank. Hey, good enough! There are still the Gyms to take on, the Badges to earn, and the Elite Four to eventually fight, along with a Champion battle at the very end.

Although you can take on the Gyms in any order you like, there’s definitely a recommended order to follow, which ensures you fight the lowest-level Gyms first and the highest-level Gyms last. Gyms do not scale to your progress, meaning it is like traditional games, where the Gym Leader of a certain city always uses the same team at the same levels, so while you are free to challenge them in any order, you’ll be at a disadvantage taking on the higher-level Gym Leaders first.

Spoiler-Free Recommended Order

If you’re looking for a spoiler-free recommended order for the Victory Road storyline, which doesn’t show the Gym Leader’s Pokémon and just gives you their levels, then you can refer to this table below to help guide you.

Cortondo GymBug14/14/15
Artazon GymGrass16/16/17
Levincia GymElectric23/23/23/24
Cascarrafa GymWater29/29/30
Medali GymNormal35/35/36
Montenevera GymGhost41/41/41/42
Alfornada GymPsychic44/44/45
Glaseado GymIce47/47/47/48
Pokémon LeagueVarious57–62

Hopefully this gives you somewhat of an idea of what to expect without giving everything away!

If you want to read more about these Gyms and Victory Road, you can do so over in the Victory Road section of the walkthrough:

The above link takes you to the Victory Road section, which shows general overviews of each of the Gym Leaders, but you can also click on any of the buttons on that page to see more detailed information for that particular section (you can also just click the links in the table up above, as it takes you to the same pages).

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