Path of Legends Finale

Enemy Level Range: 58–63

After you’ve taken down all five of the Titans, regardless of their order, you’ll need to return to Poco Path Lighthouse and investigate the Pokémon Lab there that only Arven has access to.

Poco Path Lighthouse

When you return to the Poco Path Lighthouse, Arven will open the door to the Pokémon Lab there, and inside you’ll receive a communication from Professor Sada (Scarlet) or Professor Turo (Violet) explaining a bit about the mysterious Area Zero deep within the Great Crater of Paldea, and after some more discussion, you and Arven will accept the Professor’s plea for help and decide to go to Area Zero to help them out.

First, though, Arven wants to make sure you’re ready, so he’ll challenge you to a battle to make sure you’re both prepared for the fight. This will be a pretty difficult battle compared to the Titans, as Arven will use his entire team against you, but at least none of the Pokémon he uses are Titan Pokémon, don’t worry!

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainer Arven!
Pokémon Trainer Arven
Poké Dollars12,600
  • Normal
Lv. 58 Male
  • Normal Body Slam
  • Ground Earthquake
  • Grass Bullet Seed
  • Psychic Psychic Fangs
Ability: Cheek Pouch
  • Water
  • Ice
Lv. 59 Male
  • Psychic Light Screen
  • Ice Icicle Spear
  • Rock Rock Blast
  • Water Liquidation
Ability: Skill Link
  • Grass
  • Fire
Lv. 60 Female
  • Fire Fire Blast
  • Dark Crunch
  • Grass Energy Ball
  • Psychic Zen Headbutt
Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Ground
  • Grass
Lv. 61 Female
  • Grass Spore
  • Poison Sludge Bomb
  • Ground Earth Power
  • Grass Power Whip
Ability: Mycelium Might
  • Rock
Lv. 62 Male
  • Ground Earthquake
  • Rock Stone Edge
  • Rock Stealth Rock
  • Fighting Body Press
Ability: Purifying Salt
Tera Type:
  • Dark Tera Type
Lv. 63 Male
  • Dark Crunch
  • Fire Fire Fang
  • Fairy Play Rough
  • Psychic Psychic Fangs
Ability: Intimidate

His team’s levels range from level 58–63 and consist of the Pokémon he used alongside you while fighting the Titans, except fully evolved. He also has his Mabosstif for his last Pokémon, which has a Dark Tera Type to boost its Dark-type moves, so keep that in mind while fighting it.

After beating him, he’ll say that, in order to get to Area Zero, he’ll also want to bring along someone with Champion-level strength and someone that’s very good with computers. Unless you’ve already cleared the other two storyline paths, he’ll then run off, leaving you to track down the two people he needs for the mission—of course, you’ll find these two by completing the other two storyline arcs.

Path of Legends Complete

And that concludes the Path of Legends storyline arc! In order to continue the storyline of the game, as just mentioned, you’ll need to complete the other two.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to start up the final endgame storyline arc: The Way Home, which will take you down into Area Zero as per the Professor’s request.

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