The Final Battle (Violet)

Professor Turo welcoming you
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⚠ There are unavoidable spoilers if you continue reading this page, so please be mindful of that before continuing! ⚠ If you are coming here in preparation for the final battle, you might want to make sure you are fighting in the battle first before looking up strategies/tips.

As you enter the Zero Lab in the depths of Area Zero, you’ll be greeted by Professor Turo in Pokémon Violet, although something will seem a bit off with him. He’ll explain that he is not the true Professor Turo and is actually an AI that he created, built in the likeness of his body, and that the real Professor Turo passed away several years ago in an unfortunate accident.

He wishes to put a stop to the time machine in the Zero Lab, as it has grown too dangerous. Pick up the Booster Energy in the room, which boosts the power of Paradox Pokémon (raising their highest stat in battle) while held.

Continue further down into the depths of the Zero Lab and you’ll reach the core where the time machine is located. Turo will warn you that you will likely need to fight him after deactivating the time machine, which is true, and that you will need to place the Violet Book on the pedestal when you’re ready.

vs. AI Turo

AI Turo has initiated a battle!
AI Turo
  • Fire
  • Poison
Lv. 66
Iron Moth
  • Flying Air Slash
  • Electric Discharge
  • Poison Sludge Wave
  • Fire Fiery Dance
Ability: Quark Drive
  • Ice
  • Water
Lv. 66
Iron Bundle
  • Flying Drill Peck
  • Water Water Pulse
  • Ice Freeze-Dry
  • Ice Snowscape
Ability: Quark Drive
  • Fighting
  • Electric
Lv. 66
Iron Hands
  • Electric Thunder Punch
  • Normal Fake Out
  • Fighting Drain Punch
  • Steel Iron Head
Ability: Quark Drive
  • Dark
  • Flying
Lv. 66
Iron Jugulis
  • Fire Flamethrower
  • Dark Dark Pulse
  • Flying Air Slash
  • Steel Flash Cannon
Ability: Quark Drive
  • Rock
  • Electric
Lv. 66
Iron Thorns
  • Electric Thunder Punch
  • Ground Earthquake
  • Fighting Brick Break
  • Rock Stone Edge
Ability: Quark Drive
  • Fairy
  • Fighting
Lv. 67
Iron Valiant
  • Fighting Brick Break
  • Poison Poison Jab
  • Psychic Psycho Cut
  • Fairy Spirit Break
Ability: Quark Drive

It’s time to take on Professor Turo himself—well, OK, not really himself, but rather an artificial intelligence version of him: AI Turo (and, just for the record, that’s A.I., not “Al” as in Weird Al).

All of his Pokémon are futuristic Paradox Pokémon and have the Quark Drive Ability, which raises their highest stat by a moderate amount while Electric Terrain is active. It’s unlikely your strategy involves Electric Terrain, but just in case it does, it’s best to refrain from using it as it will make your fight much harder.

The opposing Iron Moth used Fiery Dance!

AI Turo leads with Iron Moth, a Fire/Poison-type Pokémon that resembles Volcarona. Like modern day Volcarona, it has incredibly high Sp. Atk, so watch out for that as it will hit hard! It has Sludge Wave, Fiery Dance, Discharge, and Air Slash for its moves. Fiery Dance is particularly concerning as it can also raise Iron Moth’s Sp. Atk even higher.

The next four Pokémon he uses will be sent out depending on which Pokémon you’re using, so keep that in mind.

His Iron Bundle is a Pokémon you’ve had to fight against earlier in Area Zero. It’s an Ice/Water-type Pokémon and, despite resembling something quite weak (Delibird), it is actually very strong and extremely fast. It has a lot of Sp. Atk and also a good amount of Defense, so focus on using Special-based moves against it. It has Drill Peck, Water Pulse, Freeze-Dry, and Snowscape for its moves. Thankfully none of these are overly strong, but Snowscape will raise its Defense if it pulls it off due to its inherent effect on Ice-type Pokémon.

Iron Hands is another Pokémon you’ve recently had to fight down in Area Zero. It’s a strong Fighting/Electric-type Pokémon, which is a very peculiar combination. It has extremely high HP, Attack, and also very high Defense, so watch out, because this thing hits hard! It’s slow and has weak Sp. Def, so focus on that weak spot to take it down, but its HP also makes sure it can take a super effective hit fairly well. It knows Thunder Punch and Drain Punch for strong STAB moves, the latter even healing it up, so avoid using anything weak to Fighting. It also has Iron Head and Fake Out.

Iron Jugulis is another strange Pokémon. It resembles Hydreigon, but it’s actually a little weaker than modern day Hydreigon, although it is still tough. It is a Dark/Flying-type (not a Dragon!), has well-balanced stats with high Sp. Atk and good Speed. It knows Air Slash, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, and Flash Cannon, so it has quite a lot of coverage as well.

He uses an Iron Thorns as well, which is a Pokémon you probably haven’t fought before, but possibly. It resembles Tyranitar. It has very high Attack, good HP and Defense, and is a Rock/Electric-type. For moves, it packs Thunder Punch and Stone Edge for hard-hitting STAB moves, and also has Brick Break and Earthquake for more coverage. Ground-type moves are the way to go against it.

Bombirdier fighting AI Turo's Iron Valiant

Lastly, he’ll send out his final Pokémon, a powerful Pokémon known as Iron Valiant. Resembling a futuristic hybrid between a Gardevoir and Gallade, Iron Valiant is a Fairy/Fighting-type, is very fast, has really high Attack and Sp. Atk (though thankfully it doesn’t use any Special-based moves), and it also has the Booster Energy equipped, which automatically activates its Quark Drive Ability and raises its Attack. That Attack boost is scary, especially with its powerful moves: Psycho Cut, Brick Break, Spirit Break, and Poison Jab. It has a lot of coverage and its moves will hit hard, plus Spirit Break lowers your Sp. Atk after it hits you with it, and since it is weakest to Special-based moves, that can throw a wrench in your plan. It’s a tough Pokémon to take down; if you are struggling with it, using an X Defense in the first turn it is out should help weaken its moves.

After you’ve defeated AI Turo, the time machine will appear to have shut down, and your friends will come rushing in. Some more dialogue and important character interactions will take place, but then the background of the room will turn an ominous purple, and AI Turo will lose control once again, activating the Paradise Protection Protocol to continue the time machine’s operation by exterminating you!

Activating Paradise Protection Protocol to remove the offending obstacle...

vs. Paradise Protection Protocol

Paradise Protection Protocol
  • Electric
  • Dragon
Lv. 72
  • Normal Hyper Beam
  • Electric Charge
  • Dark Taunt
  • Rock Power Gem
Ability: Hadron Engine

When the battle starts, the Paradise Protection Protocol will send out Miraidon—the same Koraidon from earlier that your own Miraidon was terrified of. When you go to send out your Pokémon, the ball will not open, remaining locked due to the Paradise Protection Protocol’s mechanism. It prohibits any Pokémon except for those matching the Professor’s ID from being sent out.

Your entire group can’t battle with any of their Pokémon, but there’s one Pokémon you have that was previously the Professor’s—your own Miraidon.

Choose to swap in your own Miraidon from the choice of Pokémon and it will be sent out, a cutscene will play, and then it will power up to its fully-powered form and fight for you in battle.

Thematically, it’s a very cool battle, but if you are worried about getting through it: don’t worry, you actually can’t lose, as your Miraidon will always stay alive with 1 HP left. Just Terastallize when you get the cue to and use Tera Blast to finish the job. You can use Power Gem, Endure, or whatever else you want, but it doesn’t really matter—you cannot lose the fight.

Miraidon Terastallizing

After you’ve defeated Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise, and stopped the Paradise Protection Protocol, you’ll have another touching moment with the last bit of humanity that AI Turo has left. He’ll activate the time machine one final time, this time to send him far to the past, where he can continue the Professor’s research on the future Pokémon while permanently closing the time machine in the present, resolving the threat of danger befalling Paldea.

AI Turo waving and saying he bids you adieu

After some more cutscenes and conversations with your friends, outside of Area Zero, the credits will roll and you’ll be treated to some Ed Sheeran music.

Congratulations, you’ve beaten Pokémon Violet!

Your time in Paldea isn’t over yet, though, as there’s plenty of stuff that you can do in the postgame, such as rematching the Gym Leaders, fighting in a tournament, and unlocking 6-star Tera Raids.

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