Team Star’s Poison Crew, the Navi Squad

Starmobile Level: 32

Path to the Team Star Poison Base

The next crew of Team Star to challenge is the Navi Squad, which can be found in the Team Star Poison crew base in Tagtree Thicket.

To get to Tagtree Thicket, you’ll want to head to Levincia from Team Star’s Fire Base, then then head through East Province (Area Three), which is a bit of a wasteland. This is also a good time to take on the Lurking Steel Titan, since it’s right along the way.

Head to the eastern side of the wastelands, over by Zapapico (again, you might want to stop by Zapapico just so you can fly back there later whenever you want), and then head north of Zapapico, although try to avoid that gigantic digsite directly to Zapapico’s north as it can be tricky to get out of.

You’ll then find a Pokémon Center near the southern entrance to Tagtree Thicket. From there, just follow the path and you should find the Team Star Base to the left.

vs. Team Star’s Poison Crew

The gate of the Navi Squad Base

At the gate, rather than fighting against a Team Star Grunt, you’ll have to fight against Pokémon Trainer Youssef, who also wants to have a word with Atticus, the boss of the Navi Squad. He uses a Gulpin Lv. 30 and a Shroodle Lv. 31.

Get your Pokémon ready to challenge the Star Barrage! They use Poison-type Pokémon, so you’re going to want to bring is Psychic- and Ground-type Pokémon, and ideally bring in Pokémon with moves of those types (regardless of the Pokémon’s type). Avoid bringing in Grass- and Fairy-type Pokémon.

Here are the Pokémon that you will have to fight during the Star Barrage:

  • Venonat and Venomoth (Poison + Bug)
  • Grafaiai (Poison + Normal)
  • Gulpin (Poison)
  • Paldean Wooper + Clodsire (Poison + Ground)
  • Gastly (Poison + Ghost)
  • Grimer (Poison)
  • Seviper (Poison)
  • Foongus + Amoonguss (Poison + Grass)

vs. Atticus

Once you’ve taken down the 30 Pokémon, you’ll be approached by Atticus, boss of the Navi Squad, on his Starmobile.

Atticus of Team Star
  • Poison
  • Dark
Lv. 32 Female
  • Poison Toxic
  • Dark Sucker Punch
  • Poison Venoshock
  • Poison
Lv. 32 Male
  • Ground Mud-Slap
  • Poison Sludge Wave
  • Steel
  • Poison
Lv. 33 Male
  • Poison Sludge
  • Dark Assurance
  • Steel Iron Head
  • Ground Bulldoze
Navi Starmobile
Lv. 32
Navi Starmobile
Starmobile Type:
  •  Type
  • Poison Noxious Torque
Ability: Toxic Debris
Starmobile moves not yet confirmed!
Please note that the Navi Starmobile’s moves have not yet been independently verified and may be missing some moves. These are just ones that were personally observed.

He uses a Skuntank Lv. 32, a Muk Lv. 32, an actual Revavroom Lv. 33, and then his Starmobile. The Skuntank has Sucker Punch, Toxic, and Venoshock, so if you have a Pokémon immune to becoming poisoned, you’ll be in excellent shape against it—however, Psychic-type Pokémon will need to get out of the way, as it is immune. Muk has just Sludge Wave and Mud-Slap, and it doesn’t have that great of Sp. Atk, so it shouldn’t be a problem. His Revavroom is a bit nastier, with Iron Head, Sludge, Assurance, and Bulldoze, and it’s a Steel/Poison-type.

The Navi Starmobile activating the Toxic Debris Ability

Finally comes the Navi Starmobile Lv. 32. It is quite fast and has Noxious Torque, which hits hard and may poison you. It also has Toxic Debris for its Ability, which sets down a layer of Toxic Spikes whenever it takes damage from a move that makes contact. This won’t affect you until you switch out, but it will poison whichever Pokémon comes out, or badly poison them if two layers of Toxic Spikes are set.

Team Star's Poison Crew Defeated!

After you’ve beaten Atticus and after the cutscene plays, you’ll receive TM102 Gunk Shot, and then shortly after you’ll also receive some LP, Pokémon materials, and the ability to craft more TMs than before.

Where to Go Next

If you’re strictly following the Starfall Street storyline, the next Team Star base is the Team Star Fairy Crew base in northern Paldea, at the very northern tip of the map. However, it is much higher of a level, at level 50 for the Starmobile, so you will probably want to take on some of the other challenges first.

If you’re following the recommended order of taking things on, your next destination should be the Medali Gym in western Paldea!

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