About Starfall Street

Looking at the Rotom Phone with the words STARFALL STREET on screen

One of the three main storyline arcs is Starfall Street, and it begins when a mysterious hacker named Cassiopeia takes over your Rotom Phone while enrolling in the Academy and asks for your help in taking down a group of miscreants known as Team Star. Cassiopeia refers to this mission as Operation Starfall, and you are tasked with taking down the five Team Star Bosses in their respective bases.

Your main reward for clearing out these Team Star bases is some LP as well as a lot of Pokémon materials and more TMs that get unlocked, so it can be a good way to get access to a lot more powerful moves for your Pokémon. The Team Star Bosses are probably the most challenging of the “boss battles” across the three storyline arcs, though, so you’ll want to be prepared for them as they can be a bit tricky even if you are at the same level.

In-game map showing the location of the five Team Star bases

You can fight the five Team Star Bosses in whichever order you’d like, although there’s definitely a recommended order to follow, which focuses on taking them down in the order based on their levels, starting with the lowest-level Team Star Boss first and ending with the highest-level Team Star Boss. You’re encouraged to take on the other storyline arcs along the way instead of focusing solely on Starfall Street, though.

Taking on the Team Star Bases

Before you can fight against the Team Star Bosses, you’ll have to get through a battle at the front gate, and then have to take on the Star Barrage, which involves fighting against 30 Pokémon in 10 minutes—don’t worry, it’s not quite that chaotic, as it is done through auto-battle and allows you to use three Pokémon instead of just one.

You can read more about the process of taking on the Team Star Bases on the following page:

Spoiler-Free Recommended Order

If you’re looking for a spoiler-free recommended order for the Starfall Street storyline, which doesn’t reveal exactly which Pokémon the Team Star Bosses use on their team and just want to get an idea of what level to be at, the following table will show you the five Bosses, their primary type, and what level their main Pokémon is at (keep in mind that this might not be the highest level Pokémon on their team, though!).

Team Star BossTypeLevel
Segin Squad
Schedar Squad
Navi Squad
Ruchbah Squad
Caph Squad

Click any of the links above to navigate to a page showing you how to get to those Team Star Bosses and a lot more information about them. Otherwise, if you’d like to view a more detailed overview of the Starfall Street storyline arc, you can read the Starfall Street index page:

Otherwise, the next page to read in the Before You Begin section is about optional areas and how they’re covered throughout the walkthrough, so if that’s something you’d like to know more about, continue onwards, otherwise you might want to set off on your adventure already!

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