Team Star’s Fairy Crew, the Ruchbah Squad

Starmobile Level: 50

Path to the Team Star Fairy Base

Getting to the Ruchbah Squad’s Base is a bit tricky, as it’s all the way in the northern part of Paldea, surrounded by the sea to the north and Glaseado Mountain to the rest of its sides. It’s also at a much higher level than the previous base, so you’re probably best clearing some of the Victory Road and Path of Legends objectives, which will make getting there easier—ideally, you’ll have already cleared Montenevera’s Gym by this point and, realistically, the Glaseado Gym as well.

Regardless, if you haven’t and you’re just looking for a way to get there, you’re going to need to first make your way to Medali in northwestern Paldea. From there, head northeast, cross the bridge, and then follow the path leading up the mountain until you get to the nearby Pokémon Center.

From that Pokémon Center, rather than taking the path somewhat eastbound to Montenevera, instead try to head north to the best of your ability. You can also jump down the sides of the mountain to make it easier, as your destination is near the sea level. There’s another Pokémon Center further north, which is where you’ll want to heal up at before taking on the Team Star base just past it to the north.

vs. Team Star’s Fairy Base

At the gate of the Team Star Fairy Crew's Base

At the gate, you’ll find someone looking to see Ortega, someone who seems to know him quite well. Pokémon Trainer Harrington will challenge you before you can take on the base, and he uses a Morgrem Lv. 48 and a Hattrem Lv. 49.

Once you’ve beaten him, you’ll be able to proceed with the Star Barrage! The Pokémon inside are Fairy-type, so you’ll want to use Poison- or Steel-type Pokémon, or Fire-types for some extra resistance. Avoid using Dragon-type Pokémon at all costs, and also avoid using Fighting- and Dark-type Pokémon.

Here are the Pokémon you may have to fight during the Star Barrage:

  • Mimikyu (Fairy + Ghost)
  • Florges (Fairy)
  • Jigglypuff + Wigglytuff (Fairy + Normal)
  • Impidimp + Morgrem + Grimmsnarl (Fairy + Dark)
  • Kirlia + Gardevoir (Fairy + Psychic)
  • Fidough + Dachsbun (Fairy)
  • Tinkatink + Tinkatuff (Fairy + Steel; don’t use Poison against them!)
  • Marill (Fairy + Water)

After you’ve defeated 30 Pokémon in the Star Barrage, the boss of the Ruchbah Squad, Ortega, will appear on his Starmobile and challenge you to a fight.

vs. Ortega

Ortega of Team Star
  • Water
  • Fairy
Lv. 50 Female
  • Fairy Charm
  • Flying Bounce
  • Water Aqua Tail
  • Fairy Play Rough
Ability: Huge Power
  • Normal
  • Fairy
Lv. 50 Female
  • Normal Body Slam
  • Fairy Charm
  • Steel Gyro Ball
  • Fairy Play Rough
  • Fairy
Lv. 51 Male
  • Ground Mud-Slap
  • Dark Crunch
  • Fairy Play Rough
  • Fairy Baby-Doll Eyes
Ability: Well Baked Body
Ruchbah Starmobile
Lv. 50
Ruchbah Starmobile
Starmobile Type:
  •  Type
  • Steel Steel Roller
  • Fairy Magical Torque
Ability: Misty Surge
Starmobile moves not yet confirmed!
Please note that the Ruchbah Starmobile’s moves have not yet been independently verified and may be missing some moves. These are just ones that were personally observed.

He uses an Azumarill Lv. 50, a Wigglytuff Lv. 50, a Dachsbun Lv. 51, and then his Starmobile. The Azumarill has Aqua Tail, Play Rough, Bounce, and Charm, so beware that, especially because it has Huge Power to double its Attack. Wigglytuff has Body Slam, Play Rough, Gyro Ball, and Charm, but it shouldn’t hit too hard. Lastly, his Dachsbun has Crunch, Play Rough, Baby-Doll Eyes, and Mud-Slap.

You may notice that his team specializes in lowering your Attack stat with Charm and Baby-Doll Eyes, so using Special-based attackers is ideal against Ortega.

The Ruchbah Starmobile using Steel Roller

Finally, he’ll use his Ruchbah Starmobile Lv. 50, a pure-Fairy-type. It has the Misty Surge Ability, which immediately causes Misty Terrain. While that’s activated, grounded Pokémon can’t become affected by status conditions and Dragon-type moves are weakened, although that last part is irrelevant due to the Starmobile being immune to them anyway. Unlike the other Terrains, Misty Terrain does not power up Fairy-type moves, but the Starmobile can still hit hard with its Magical Torque, and it likes to use Steel Roller to do extra damage at the cost of removing the Misty Terrain (or any other Terrain).

Team Star's Fairy Crew Defeated!

After beating Ortega and going through some cutscenes, he’ll give you TM079 Dazzling Gleam, and following that, you’ll also receive more LP, some Pokémon materials, and unlock more TMs to craft.

Where to Go Next

If you’re strictly following the Starfall Street storyline, the final Team Star base is the Team Star Fighting Crew base in northeastern Paldea, and it’s a bit of a pain to get to, not to mention quite challenging. If you’re following the recommended order of taking things on, you’ll probably be better off taking down the False Dragon Titan first in northwestern Paldea—despite it being one level higher, it is actually much easier.

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