Path of Legends

Arven, with the words PATH OF LEGENDS on screen

One of the three main storyline arcs is Path of Legends, and it involves tracking down giant Titan Pokémon scattered throughout the Paldea region in order to claim the powerful Herba Mystica herbs that they guard. You’ll do this to help out Arven, and you’ll eventually uncover more of his motives and his story as you progress.

The primary reward for taking down these Titans comes in the form of upgrades to your Koraidon/Miraidon’s movement abilities, which is very, very helpful for getting across the Paldea region. Of course, you also get to help Arven out, which might not seem that great at first, but as the story continues, you’ll probably grow a bit more motivated to help him with his cause.

In-game map showing where the five Titans are

You can fight the five Titan Pokémon in pretty much any order you like, but there’s definitely a recommended order to follow, which focuses on taking down the lowest-level Titan Pokémon first and gradually working your way up to the highest-level Titan Pokémon. As there are just five Titan Pokémon to take down, you’re encouraged to take on the other storyline arcs along the way instead of just focusing on Path of Legends.

Spoiler-Free Recommended Order

If you’re looking for a spoiler-free recommended order for the Path of Legends storyline, which doesn’t reveal exactly which Pokémon you’ll fight but will show the primary type. This table also shows you which power ups you get for your Koraidon/Miraidon, which should hopefully be helpful to you in planning.

Stony Cliff Titan
(unlocks dash)
Open Sky Titan
(unlocks swimming)
Lurking Steel Titan
(unlocks high jump)
Quaking Earth Titan
(unlocks gliding)
False Dragon Titan
(unlocks wall climbing)

Hopefully this gives you an idea of roughly what level you should be around while fighting against the Titans! As you can see, there are quite a few jumps in levels, so it would be wise to take on some of the objectives in other storyline arcs as you go through this one.

That being said, you can find details on all of the Titans, as well as a general path to get to each of them, down below, with more detail in their corresponding pages. You can click the links in the table above to view more information about those specific Titans and how to get there, or you can also find links by scrolling further down the page, although do note that the fights and Pokémon will be spoiled if you keep scrolling.

Stony Cliff Titan

Titan Level: 16

Map showing how to get to Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan

Path to Stony Cliff Titan

The first of the Titans you’re likely to track down is the Stony Cliff Titan, and it can be found by leaving the east gate from Mesagoza, as Arven recommends. This takes you onto South Province (Area Three).

You should find the Stony Cliff Titan on the rocks near the cliffside in the area marked on the map above.

vs. Stony Cliff Titan

A giant Klawf on the cliffside
Lv. 16
Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan
Phase 1
  • Rock
Ability: Anger Shell

Open Sky Titan

Titan Level: 20

A map showing how to get to the Open Sky Titan

Path to Open Sky Titan

The Open Sky Titan can be found in western Paldea, on top of a mountain past some windmills. You can find the path leading there west of Cortondo, shown on the map above.

vs. Open Sky Titan

Titan Bombirdier approaches!
Lv. 20
Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan
Phase 1
  • Flying
  • Dark

Lurking Steel Titan

Titan Level: 29

Map showing where to find Titan Orthworm

Path to Lurking Steel Titan

Getting to the Lurking Steel Titan is a bit of a jaunt, requiring you to head through the badlands of eastern Paldea. You can find it in a pit at the location marked “1” on the map above, and then it will flee through some tunnels, requiring you to chase it. It will eventually appear at the location marked “2” on the map above.

vs. Lurking Steel Titan

Pawmot using Close Combat against Titan Orthworm
Lv. 29
Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan
Phase 1
  • Steel
Ability: Earth Eater

Quaking Earth Titan

Titan Level: 45

Map showing how to get to the Quaking Earth Titan

Path to Quaking Earth Titan

The Quaking Earth Titan can be found in the Asado Desert in western Paldea, in the far western portion of it. You can find it rolling around near the area marked “1” on the map above, and you’ll have to fight it there. It will then retreat to the area marked “2” on the map above, where you’ll have to fight it a second time with Arven’s help.

The Pokémon you fight depends on which version you’re playing.

vs. Quaking Earth Titan (Scarlet)

Lv. 45
Great Tusk, the Quaking Earth Titan
Phase 1
Great Tusk
  • Ground
  • Fighting
Ability: Protosynthesis

vs. Quaking Earth Titan (Violet)

Starting the battle against Iron Treads in Violet
Lv. 45
Iron Treads, the Quaking Earth Titan
Phase 1
Iron Treads
  • Ground
  • Steel
Ability: Quark Drive

False Dragon Titan

Titan Level: 57

Map showing where to find the False Dragon Titan

Path to False Dragon Titan

A large Tatsugiri that you need to talk to saying 'Taiiitan'

In order to get to the final Titan, the False Dragon Titan, you’re going to need to head on over to Casseroya Lake in the northwestern part of Paldea. There are a bunch of Tatsugiri flopping around on that island, making various noises. There’s one in particular you’ll need to talk to, and it’s on the southern tip of the easternmost island. It is a bit larger than the other Tatsugiri and says “Taitaaan!” above its head.

Talk to the Tatsugiri and you’ll witness it get swallowed up by a massive Pokémon, which you’ll have to fight!

vs. False Dragon Titan

Espathra fighting Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan
Lv. 56
Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan
Phase 1
  • Water

After defeating Dondozo once, you’ll have to chase it to the location marked “2” on the map above. You’ll fight it for a second time alongside Arven, but then after defeating Dondozo, you’ll have to fight against the true False Dragon Titan: Tatsugiri!

Pawmot and Arven's Greedent fighting Titan Tatsugiri
Lv. 57
Tatsugiri, the False Dragon Titan
Phase 2
Tatsugiri (Curly)
  • Dragon
  • Water


Enemy Level Range: 58–63

After you’ve taken down all five of the Titans, regardless of their order, you’ll need to return to Poco Path Lighthouse and investigate the Pokémon Lab there that only Arven has access to.

Go there, and after some dialogue and discussion with the Professor, you’ll need to fight against Arven to make sure you’re ready to challenge Area Zero.

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainer Arven!
Pokémon Trainer Arven
Poké Dollars12,600
  • Normal
Lv. 58 Male
  • Normal Body Slam
  • Ground Earthquake
  • Grass Bullet Seed
  • Psychic Psychic Fangs
Ability: Cheek Pouch
  • Water
  • Ice
Lv. 59 Male
  • Psychic Light Screen
  • Ice Icicle Spear
  • Rock Rock Blast
  • Water Liquidation
Ability: Skill Link
  • Grass
  • Fire
Lv. 60 Female
  • Fire Fire Blast
  • Dark Crunch
  • Grass Energy Ball
  • Psychic Zen Headbutt
Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Ground
  • Grass
Lv. 61 Female
  • Grass Spore
  • Poison Sludge Bomb
  • Ground Earth Power
  • Grass Power Whip
Ability: Mycelium Might
  • Rock
Lv. 62 Male
  • Ground Earthquake
  • Rock Stone Edge
  • Rock Stealth Rock
  • Fighting Body Press
Ability: Purifying Salt
Tera Type:
  • Dark Tera Type
Lv. 63 Male
  • Dark Crunch
  • Fire Fire Fang
  • Fairy Play Rough
  • Psychic Psychic Fangs
Ability: Intimidate

And that concludes the Path of Legends storyline arc! In order to continue the storyline of the game, as just mentioned, you’ll need to complete the other two.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to start up the final endgame storyline arc: The Way Home, which will take you down into Area Zero as per the Professor’s request.

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