Team Star’s Fire Crew, the Schedar Squad

Starmobile Level: 26

Path to the Team Star Fire Base

In order to get to the Team Star Schedar Squad Base, also known as the Team Star Fire Base, you’ll need to head out east from Mesagoza, cross South Province (Area Three) all the way over to Artazon, and then you’ll find it to the north.

It’s actually an inconvenient roadblock for players looking to get to the next Gym in Levincia, as there’s a road leading to Levincia that is barricaded by Team Star, and the Schedar Squad is at a bit of a higher level than the Levincia Gym. There’s a detour you can take if you’re actually meaning to get through to the Gym first, which just involves crossing the river near the beach to the northeast, but that’s just if you want to get to Levincia.

Anyway, that’s where you can find the Team Star Fire Base.

vs. Team Star’s Fire Crew

Quaxwell fighting a level 25 Houndour

At the gate leading into the base, you’ll need to fight a Team Star Grunt with his Houndour Lv. 25.

After taking him down, you’ll then have to take on the Star Barrage! It’s a Fire-type gauntlet and you’ll have to clear 30 Pokémon out in 10 minutes, so making sure you reorder your Pokémon so you have the most effective types up front is your best bet.

Water-, Ground-, and Rock-type Pokémon are your best bet, and Pokémon with moves of those types are also a good option. Avoid using Bug-, Grass-, Ice-, or Steel-type Pokémon as they won’t have a very good time.

You’ll run into the following Pokémon during the Star Barrage:

  • Torkoal (Fire)
  • Houndour (Fire + Dark)
  • Growlithe (Fire)
  • Litleo (Fire + Normal)
  • Numel (Fire + Ground; avoid using Rock)
  • Charcadet (Fire)

Once you’ve taken down all 30 Pokémon, you’ll have to fight against the boss of the Schedar Squad, Mela of Team Star.

vs. Mela

Mela of Team Star
  • Fire
Lv. 27 Female
  • Fire Flame Wheel
  • Poison Clear Smog
Ability: Drought
Schedar Starmobile
Lv. 26
Schedar Starmobile
Starmobile Type:
  •  Type
  • Normal Screech
  • Fire Overheat
  • Fire Blazing Torque
Ability: Speed Boost

She leads with her Torkoal Lv. 27, which is very unfortunate because it has the Drought Ability, which summons intense sunlight for 5 turns, which weakens Water-type moves and strengthens Fire-type moves. If you have Rain Dance, you can override it, but otherwise your Water-type Pokémon—especially Physical-based ones, due to Torkoal’s Defense—will have a bit of a hard time. It only has Flame Wheel and Clear Smog for moves, though, but Clear Smog will also prevent you from raising your stats too high.

Fighting against the Schedar Starmobile

Her “Revavroom” is the Schedar Starmobile Lv. 26, which is a pure-Fire-type and a bit of a pain. If the weather is still sunny, it will do a lot of damage with its Overheat, although it will lower its own Sp. Atk by two stages afterwards. It has Speed Boost for its Ability, which will raise its Speed stat each turn, and that can be a bit of a pain. It also has Screech to lower your Defense by two stages and Blazing Torque to do damage and potentially leave you burned.

Team Star's Fire Crew Defeated!

You’ll get TM038 Flame Charge after defeating her, as well as materials, LP, and new TM recipes.

Where to Go Next

If you’re strictly following the Starfall Street storyline, the next Team Star base is the Team Star Poison Crew base a bit north of Levincia in the Tagtree Thicket. If you’re following the recommended order of taking things on, you will actually be headed that way as well, and should take on the Lurking Steel Titan next!

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