About Optional Areas

In order to keep the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Walkthrough as focused as possible, most of the optional areas you can visit throughout the region are not included in the main part of the walkthrough. This is due to the game being very open-world and non-linear, generally speaking, so trying to include everything would make it pretty hard to follow and figure out where you actually need to go!

To handle this situation, all of the optional areas are instead listed separately, combined into their respective areas in the walkthrough. These pages cover all of the encounters, items, Trainers, and more for each area and are meant to be comprehensive instead of just guiding you through the game.

Optional Areas Not Yet Available!
Apologies, but these optional areas are not yet available on the walkthrough! These will eventually show up as their own section on the navigation, with each of the main areas such as South Province (Area 1) being shown, with items, available Pokémon, and more.
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