Naranja / Uva Academy (First Visit)

Entering the Uva Academy in Violet

Upon entering the Academy, you’ll find Nemona and will eventually be greeted by Director Clavell. Some more discussion will take place, he’ll identify the girl that was being approached by Team Star earlier as Penny, and you’ll eventually be sent to your class with Mr. Jacq.

There’s basically just a bunch of dialogue at this point, and you can answer the questions however you’d like. It’s just introducing yourself to the class, don’t worry.

Afterwards, you’ll be free to explore the Academy a bit more and talk to some of the students. Go ahead and leave the room and then you’ll have a menu to choose which room to go to next. You can go to either the Cafeteria or the Staff Room.


Arven in the back of the cafeteria

In the Cafeteria, go ahead and talk to Arven in the back of the room. He’ll say a few things and will then tell you about his dream and ask if you’d like to help. He’s on a mission to make sandwiches and procure special herbs called Herba Mystica, but they’re guarded by Titan Pokémon.

Arven will then show you some pages from his book that showcase something resembling a Donphan and reference an area called Area Zero. After some more discussion, he’ll mark the locations of the five Titan Pokémon on your map and encourage you to join him on his adventure to track down the Herba Mystica. (You can view your map by pressing Y to view these locations whenever you want, don’t worry.)

This comprises the Path of Legends main storyline arc, which is a very useful one as it gives you better abilities to traverse the region, such as the ability to go faster, swim on water, and eventually climb cliffs. These are particularly helpful rewards, although this is just one of the three main storylines.

He’ll also give you a bag of Stardust, which has no purpose other than being sold at a Poké Mart for some money. Remember to sell that as well as any other similar item whenever you get the chance, because you’ll undoubtedly pick up a lot of these types of items and they’re a good way to earn money in the game.

Communication with a Hacker

Cassiopeia talking on the Rotom Phone about Team Star

As you leave the Cafeteria, you’ll receive a call on your Rotom Phone from an unknown individual saying they hacked your smartphone so they could talk with you. Creepy! They’ll introduce themselves as Cassiopeia and will ask if you’re familiar with Team Star.

You’ll then get a bit of a backstory of Team Star and hear that Cassiopeia is looking for someone to help bring down Team Star in Operation Starfall. They’ll ask if you’re willing to help with that, although regardless of your answer, you’ll get roped into it.

Director Clavell will then enter the room and encourage you to keep your voice down. However, as you leave, it seems as though he has some familiarity with Team Star.

Staff Room

After leaving the Cafeteria, you’ll be sent out to the main lobby of the Academy. To get back to the menu of which room to visit, approach the front desk and press A by the computer terminal, or you can go to any of the kiosks along the sides of the building. (You can also choose to read the various books sticking out of the wall if you’d like some extra information!)

The Staff Room in the Uva Academy

Go ahead and choose the Staff Room from the menu of rooms to visit. You’ll find Nemona in there, along with quite a few other people, including a lady with very long hair who seems to know Nemona quite well.

Nemona will encourage you to reach the Champion Rank like her, and in order to do that, you’ve got to earn the eight Pokémon Gyms and earn their Gym Badges, then you can take on the Pokémon League to have a chance to become Champion Rank by passing the Champion Assessment.

Nemona has already done that, so she’s sort of your role model, or at least that what she wants to be to you.

She’ll show you where the eight Gyms are located in the Paldea region, marking them on your map. You can, of course, reference these at any time afterward by pressing Y and viewing your map.

This is the main goal of the Victory Road main storyline arc, which is the most like the traditional Pokémon game experiences, with Gyms, Badges, and so on. It’s a good place to start, and you’ll also unlock more items in Poké Marts as well as the ability to train even higher-leveled Pokémon by possessing more of the Gym Badges.

Director’s Office

After visiting both the Cafeteria and the Staff Room, you’ll be called in to the Director’s Office. Make your way over there and Director Clavell will have a few words with you.

Professor Turo introducing himself

A friend of his has something rather serious that needs to be discussed with you. He’ll turn on the TV and introduce you to either Professor Sada (Scarlet) or Professor Turo (Violet), who will talk to you a bit about Area Zero, located within the Great Crater of Paldea. They will ask if you have Koraidon/Miraidon and will explain that the Pokémon was once in their care, but then trusted to Arven, although the Professor now asks for you to take care of it.

They’ll register their number on your phone and will be in contact with you throughout your journey.

Anyway, as you leave the office, Nemona will offer to show you to your Dorm Room. You can heal up by resting on the bed, but realistically that is not a very convenient location to do that—however, you’ll need to take a rest now in order to advance the game, so do that now.

The Treasure Hunt

Several days will pass and you’ll adjust to your life at the Academy fairly well, and then you’ll be called down to the schoolyard for an announcement.

Director Clavell commencing the Treasure Hunt in front of an audience

Down there, a cutscene will play and Director Clavell will officially begin the independent study assignment with the theme: “A Treasure Hunt” and will send you all out on a mission to find your own treasure, whatever that means. Really, that means you can just go exploring, have some fun, and maybe come back to school every now and then.

After a bit more dialogue and scenes, you’ll be able to move again. Continue forward, towards the steps, and you’ll run into Nemona again. She’ll lead you down the stairs and explain a bit about the Treasure Hunt.

A bit later, Arven will interrupt the two of you and remind you that he wanted to hunt for some Herba Mystica as well. You’ll then be interrupted once again by a phone call—it’s Cassiopeia again, and they’ll add the locations for all of the Team Star Bases to your map as well.

This is for the third main storyline arc, Starfall Street, which focuses on taking down the five Team Star Bosses. Your rewards aren’t quite as good for clearing these bosses, but you do unlock a lot of helpful TMs at the TM Machine, get some LP, and get some materials for clearing them, plus you’ll need to do it in order to fully beat the game anyway.

After some more discussion, you’ll basically be free to go wherever you want to go, and you can take things on in any order. Your Koraidon/Miraidon will exit its Poké Ball and, from this point forward, you’ll be able to freely ride on your Koraidon/Miraidon outside of battle by pressing the + button.

The player riding on Miraidon for the first time

While riding it, you can jump by pressing the B button, and you can also dismount Koraidon/Miraidon by pressing + once again. You can freely jump off of cliffs while riding Koraidon/Miraidon and don’t take fall damage, don’t worry; however, as of now, you can’t jump very high and you also can’t swim, so you’ll need to take down some of the Titans in Path of Legends in order to upgrade Koraidon/Miraidon’s abilities.

Remember: if you get stuck somewhere you can’t get out of, you can always call a Flying Taxi by opening up your map (pressing Y) and choosing a previously-visited location to travel to!

Which Way to Go?

Finally, you’ll be given some suggestions based on who you want to help first: if you want to take on the TItans and find Herba Mystica to help Arven out, Arven recommends you head out from the east gate first; if you want to get started with the Pokémon Gyms, Nemona recommends leaving from the west gate first instead.

Honestly, leaving out either gate is fine, and you can take on the first of both of those paths in whichever order you want. It’s a pretty straight shot leaving from the west gate to Cortondo, where the Bug-type Gym is, though, so that might be a good place to start, and then head back to Mesagoza to leave out the east gate later; otherwise, you can completely flip that order and you’ll do just fine as well!

Although it’s not recommended to start with Starfall Street, you can do that if you’d like, or at least read up on it to know what to expect:

Because you can take on these three storylines in any order, and can fight against any of the bosses of each storyline in any order, you have a lot of freedom. That can be fun, but it can also be a bit overwhelming!

This walkthrough is broken up into sections for each of the three storyline arcs and goes through them in the recommended order for those arcs, but you’re probably best off going through the game in the following order:

#1 Cortondo Gym
— Victory Road
#2 Stony Cliff Titan
— Path of Legends
#3 Artazon Gym
—Victory Road
#4 Open Sky Titan
—Path of Legends
#5 Team Star’s Dark Crew
—Starfall Street
#6 Levincia Gym
—Victory Road
#7 Team Star’s Fire Crew
—Starfall Street
#8 Lurking Steel Titan
—Path of Legends
#9 Cascarrafa Gym
—Victory Road
#10 Team Star’s Poison Crew
—Starfall Street
#11 Medali Gym
—Victory Road
#12 Montenevera Gym
—Victory Road
#13 Quaking Earth Titan
—Path of Legends
#14 Alfornada Gym
—Victory Road
#15 Glaseado Gym
—Victory Road
#16 Team Star’s Fairy Crew
—Starfall Street
#17 False Dragon Titan
—Path of Legends
(It is recommended to do this
before the Team Star Fighting
Crew, despite being at a
higher level.)
#18 Team Star’s Fighting Crew
—Starfall Street
#19 Path of Legends FinaleVarious58–63
#20 Starfall Street FinaleVarious60–63
#21 Victory Road FinaleVarious57–66

Of course, you can take them on in any order you’d like, and you may find that it’s better to take on objectives that you have more super effective Pokémon for early if you have an opportunity for it.

Keep in mind that, if you follow the recommended order, you’ll need to do a lot of flying to previous areas, although it’s very quick and shouldn’t be an issue. That being said, if you’re intending to follow the recommended order, your next destination should be the Cortondo Gym to the west of Mesagoza in Cortondo.

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