Levincia Gym (Electric)

Gym Leader Level: 23–24

Path to Levincia

Map showing how to get to Levincia

Getting to Levincia from Artazon seems simple enough at first—just go towards that northern area and cross the bridge, right? Well, unfortunately Team Star’s Fire crew has that direct path closed off, so you can either fight against the Team Star Fire crew first, which is difficult because they’re at a bit higher of a level, or you can take a nice detour along the beach.

The recommended detour involves crossing the plains to the northeast of Artazon, heading towards the sea. Head down to the sandy beach along the northern tip of that stretch of land, and the water is shallow enough at the mouth of the river connecting to the sea that you can cross it, even without the ability to ride on the water. From there, just head to the northwest and cross the bridge to Levincia. The map up above shows you how to get there if you follow the darker section with the dotted lines.

Get a Powerful Arcanine Before the Gym
A map showing where to get a Fire Stone and a Growlithe

If you’re looking for a very powerful Pokémon to add to your team that will completely destroy the upcoming Gym Leader, you can catch a special Growlithe with a Ground Tera Type in the overworld at the location marked in the map above. It’s at level 24, so it’s at an appropriate level, and it also knows Dig in addition to having that Ground Tera Type, which will be very useful against the upcoming Gym Leader.

However, while Growlithe is good, you can get yourself a Fire Stone to evolve it by heading towards the tree by the river to the north. This is a great idea, because Arcanine has extremely good stats, and, on top of that, it also can remember a ton of really good moves without having to train it at all! Right after evolving it, you can have it remember powerful moves like Play Rough, Crunch, Flare Blitz, and Flamethrower. Between Dig and Flamethrower (you’ll definitely want the latter if you want to use this against the Gym, though!), you’ll be nearly unstoppable against the upcoming Gym.

As a side note, if you don’t feel like using Growlithe, the Fire Stone can also be used to evolve a Capsakid into Scovillain or an Eevee into Flareon, if you are interested in using either of those.


Arriving in Levincia

Levincia is a pretty darn big city, so don’t get too lost in it! There’s the south section, where you presumably arrived from; there’s the north section, which has a few more shops to check out; and then there’s the arena in the middle of the city, which is shaped like a Poké Ball.

There are also some TMs scattered thorughout the city, as well as down by the water if you take the stairs in the center of town. TM015 Struggle Bug can be found in a flower bed west of the Gym building. TM075 Light Screen is down the stairs in the southern part of the “Poké Ball” in the center of town, and TM136 Electric Terrain is accessible from the northern part of the lower area of the Poké Ball ring, on one of the docks.

You can find some Wise Glasses in the park by the Gym, which slightly boost (1.1×) the power of Special-based moves. There’s also someone there that will give your Pokémon the Effort Ribbon if they’ve maxed out their Effort Values, or EVs.

There’s a lady that will trade you a Haunter for a Pincurchin of yours in Levincia, and she can be found in the “ring” part of the “Poké Ball” in the middle of town. Unlike a certain trollish NPC from the Sinnoh region, this woman was kind enough to make sure her Haunter is not holding an Everstone, meaning you’ll actually get a Gengar out of the deal. Nice! You can find Pincurchin on the beach to the south of Levincia.

In order to get to the Gym, just head directly north of the Pokémon Center near the southern entrance to Levincia. There are a lot of other tall buildings in Levincia, though, so it doesn’t stick out quite as much as it does in other cities.

Nemona Wants to Battle

If this is the third Gym you’re challenging (in other words, if you’ve already beaten two Gyms—which it will be if you’re following this guide in order), your rival, Nemona, will stop you and challenge you to a battle first!

Starter Pokémon
Pokémon Trainer Nemona
Poké Dollars1,320
  • Rock
Lv. 21 Female
  • Dark Bite
  • Rock Rock Throw
  • Normal Double Team
  • Normal Howl
Ability: Vital Spirit
  • Electric
Lv. 21 Male
  • Dark Bite
  • Ground Dig
  • Electric Charge
  • Electric Nuzzle
Ability: Static
Tera Type:
  • Water Tera Type
Lv. 22 Male
If you started with Sprigatito
  • Flying Wing Attack
  • Water Water Pulse
  • Normal Double Hit
  • Normal Work Up
Ability: Torrent
Tera Type:
  • Grass Tera Type
Lv. 22 Male
If you started with Fuecoco
  • Dark Bite
  • Normal Quick Attack
  • Grass Magical Leaf
  • Dark Hone Claws
Ability: Overgrow
Tera Type:
  • Fire Tera Type
Lv. 22 Male
If you started with Quaxly
  • Dark Bite
  • Normal Yawn
  • Normal Round
  • Fire Incinerate
Ability: Blaze

She has a Rockruff Lv. 21, a Pawmi Lv. 21, and then her starter Pokémon Lv. 22, which is in its middle evolutionary stage. That means she’ll have Quaxwell if you started with Sprigatito, Floragato if you started with Fuecoco, or Crocalor if you started with Quaxly. It will Terastallize to match its type on the first turn.

Levincia Gym

As with the other Gyms, you’ll need to pass the Gym Test before you can take on the Gym Leader. In order to do this, you’ll need to speak with the receptionist, and then you’ll be joined by Iono on her livestream and tasked with tracking down a particular person on a screen—Director Clavell! …or Mr. Walksabout, as Iono refers to him as.

You’ll need to look carefully on the screen to locate him, but after you’ve successfully found him three times, you’ll be able to fight against the Gym Leader. Each time you find him except for the last, whether you do it on the first try or not, you’ll also have to fight against a Gym Trainer, so keep that in mind.

The first Trainer uses a Luxio Lv. 22, while the second uses a Tynamo Lv. 22 and a Flaaffy Lv. 22, though watch out for Tynamo, as it has Levitate and isn’t affected by Ground-type moves.

Don’t know where to find Mr. Walksabout? You can click the buttons below to reveal his location on the screen depending on which test you’re on!

Gym Leader Iono

You are challenged by Gym Leader Iono!
Gym Leader Iono
Poké Dollars4,320
  • Electric
  • Flying
Lv. 23 Male
  • Normal Quick Attack
  • Electric Spark
  • Flying Pluck
Ability: Wind Power
  • Electric
Lv. 23 Male
  • Water Water Gun
  • Electric Spark
Ability: Electromorphosis
  • Electric
Lv. 23 Female
  • Dark Bite
  • Electric Spark
Ability: Intimidate
Tera Type:
  • Electric Tera Type
Lv. 24 Female
  • Ghost Confuse Ray
  • Electric Charge Beam
  • Ghost Hex
Ability: Levitate

Iono uses a lot of Electric-type Pokémon—four of them, in fact! That’s one more than the other Gym Leaders you’ve fought so far.

Her first Pokémon may throw a wrench in your strategy, though, as Wattrel is also part-Flying-type, meaning Ground-type moves are not effective against it. Rock-type moves are, though, so use those against it to knock it out of the sky. It knows Pluck, Spark, and Quick Attack.

Her Bellibolt has Electromorphosis for its Ability, which gives it the effect of the move Charge every time it gets hit, meaning it will hit for extra damage with its next Electric-type move. It just knows Spark for Electric-type moves, though, but that can hit fairly hard. Otherwise, it just has Water Gun to worry about, which may pose a problem for Ground-type Pokémon you’re expecting to counter it with.

Luxio is her third Pokémon and it is thankfully pretty straightforward, but it does have Intimidate for its Ability, which will lower your Pokémon’s Attack by one stage. If you’re using Growlithe or Arcanine, you may want to switch to something else to take the Intimidate and then switch back on the following turn to avoid that. Luxio just has Spark and Bite for its moves, so it’s fairly straightforward.

Finally, Iono uses her Mismagius, which is normally a Ghost-type, but she Terastallizes it into Electric-type on the first turn it is sent out. It has Levitate for its Ability, meaning Ground-type moves are not effective against it, effectively giving Mismagius no weakness, plus it also has high Sp. Atk to deal with, so watch out! It has Charge Beam, Hex, and Confuse Ray, so if you were previously paralyzed by something using Spark, make sure you heal that right away or else Hex will hit particularly hard. It’s also important to remember that Mismagius is not Ghost-type, so don’t worry about using Dark- or Ghost-type moves on it; pretty much just focus on using your strongest Physical-based moves, although watch out for Confuse Ray confusing you.

After beating her, she’ll reward you with a badge and will give you TM048 Volt Switch.

Where to Go Next

If you’re strictly following the Victory Road storyline, your next destination is all the way back to western Paldea, in Cascarrafa. However, if you’re following the recommended order of taking things on, your next destination should be the Team Star Fire Crew base, which is actually right in the nearby area!

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