Team Star’s Fighting Crew, the Caph Squad

Starmobile Level: 56

Path to the Team Star Fighting Base

Getting to the final Team Star Base can be a bit tricky because it is way out of the way in northeastern Paldea. It’s highly advised that you’ve done all of the other main missions from Victory Road and Path of Titans, especially the latter, as being able to climb walls and glide will make traveling to the base much easier. (You don’t need to actually finish the storylines, just get all of the badges from each.) This is also the most challenging of the badges to earn, across all storylines, so keep that in mind.

Anyway, there are a few ways to get to the Caph Squad Base, especially if you can climb, but going to the Glaseado Gym at the top of Glaseado Mountain is a good idea. From there, just jump down the mountain to the east until you get to the rocky valley area. You’re looking to go to a Pokémon Center near the foot of the mountain.

From there, head south, through the winding cliffside until you reach a bamboo-filled area. There are some cool Pokémon here, as well as some Trainers and items, but your goal is to get to the Pokémon Center to the northeast.

Once you’re there, the entrance to the Team Star Fighting Base is just a bit to the east.

vs. Team Star’s Fighting Base

The gate of the Team Caph Base with Eri talking with a Team Star Grunt

At the Caph Squad Base’s gate, you’ll find Clive talking with the Team Star Boss, Eri, who is out and ready to battle, but one of her subordinates strongly encourages her to get back into the base and protect herself. You’ll have to fight Carmen of Team Star, who uses a Croagunk Lv. 54 and a Primeape Lv. 55.

Take her down and then get ready to take on the Star Barrage! They use Fighting-type Pokémon, so you’ll want to use Flying-, Psychic-, or Fairy-type Pokémon to stand the best chance, while Ghost- and Bug-type Pokémon are good defensively (especially if they have any of the super effective moves). Avoid using Dark-, Ice-, Normal-, Steel-, or Rock-type Pokémon.

Here are the Pokémon that you may have to battle during the Star Barrage:

  • Hariyama (Fighting)
  • Hawlucha (Fighting + Flying)
  • Mankey + Primeape (Fighting)
  • Medicham (Fighting + Psychic)
  • Falinks (Fighting)
  • Passimian (Fighting)
  • Crabominable (Fighting + Ice)
  • Flamigo (Fighting + Flying)
  • Heracross (Fighting + Bug)
  • Toxicroak (Fighting + Poison)

Once you’ve beaten 30 Pokémon in the Star Barrage, Eri will ride in on her Starmobile and be ready to formally accept your challenge.

vs. Eri

Eri of Team Star
  • Poison
  • Fighting
Lv. 55 Male
  • Fighting Brick Break
  • Dark Sucker Punch
  • Poison Poison Jab
Ability: Anticipation
  • Fighting
Lv. 55 Male
  • Rock Rock Tomb
  • Fighting Close Combat
  • Grass Seed Bomb
  • Fighting
  • Steel
Lv. 55 Male
  • Fighting Aura Sphere
  • Dark Dark Pulse
  • Dragon Dragon Pulse
  • Fighting
  • Ghost
Lv. 56 Male
  • Fire Fire Punch
  • Ice Ice Punch
  • Fighting Close Combat
  • Ghost Rage Fist
Caph Starmobile
Lv. 56
Caph Starmobile
Starmobile Type:
  •  Type
  • Steel Shift Gear
  • Steel Spin Out
  • Fighting Combat Torque
Ability: Stamina

She uses a Toxicroak Lv. 55, a Passimian Lv. 55, a Lucario Lv. 55, an Annihilape Lv. 56, and then her Starmobile.

Her Toxicroak has Poison Jab, Brick Break, and Sucker Punch—watch out for Sucker Punch, as that will do a lot of damage to Psychic-types looking to take advantage of its 4× weakness. Passimian has Close Combat, Rock Tomb, and Seed Bomb, and that Close Combat will hit pretty darn hard. Lucario is Special-based, using Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, and Dark Pulse. Her Annihilape, the evolution of Primeape, is a Fighting/Ghost-type, and it uses Rage Fist, Close Combat, Ice Punch, and Fire Punch for a lot of coverage.

The Caph Starmobile activating its Stamina Ability

Last up is the Caph Starmobile Lv. 56, a pure-Fighting-type, and it hits like a truck. She likes to use Shift Gear to raise its Attack by one stage and Speed by two stages, plus it has Stamina for its Ability, which raises its Defense by one stage each time it is damaged by a move that makes contact. This can cause it to become very difficult to take down if it sets up too many Shift Gears and gets a lot of Stamina boosts. Special-based attackers are the way to go, although be careful while using Fairy-types, as it also has Spin Out as a hard-hitting Steel-type move.

Team Star's Fighting Crew Defeated!

After beating Eri, you’ll watch some more flashbacks and story, and then she’ll reward you with TM167 Close Combat. You’ll then be given some more LP, some materials, and also unlock more TMs to craft.

If this is the last Team Star Boss you take down, it will be Clive that will deliver the materials instead of Penny, and you’ll receive a call from Cassiopeia telling you it’s time to take on the big boss of Team Star. You’ll need to go to the schoolyard back in the Academy to continue.

Where to Go Next

If you’re following the Starfall Street storyline, the it’s now time to fight against the big boss of Team Star, meaning you’ll need to return to the Naranja / Uva Academy for the finale of Starfall Street.

If you’re following the recommended order of taking things on, you’ll have a bit easier of a time starting with the final battle for the Path of Legends storyline, assuming you’ve taken down all of the Titans and Gym Leaders already (otherwise do any of those first).

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