Team Star’s Dark Crew, the Segin Squad

Starmobile Level: 20

Path to the Team Star Dark Base

Getting to the Team Star Segin Base—the Team Star Dark Base—is a bit of a trek from the start in Mesagoza, but it’s generally the first of the Team Star bases you’ll want to take on due to it being the easiest. It’s a good idea that you fight against the Cortondo Gym and against the Open Sky Titan from the other two storylines first, as they’re right on the way and also at a lower level.

Anyway, from Mesagoza’s west gate, head over to Cortondo, then follow the road west of Cortondo leading up a zigzaggy hill, and keep following the path until it crosses a bridge. You should find a Pokémon Center nearby. From there, head northwest and then north until you find a bridge. Cross the bridge and keep following the path until you find another Pokémon Center. It’s a straight shot to the northeast to find the barricade blocking the road, where you can just take a right and find the entrance to the Team Star Segin Base.

vs. Team Star’s Dark Crew

Two Team Star Grunts guarding the gate

Guarding the gate, you’ll have to take on a Team Star Grunt. She uses a Murkrow Lv. 19. Afterwards, you’ll have to take on the Star Barrage, so make sure you have three Pokémon that can handle Dark-type Pokémon in your top three party slots.

Ideally, you’ll want Fighting-, Fairy-, or Bug-type Pokémon; following that, you’ll want to bring in Pokémon with moves of those types. Keep Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokémon away as they will not do well here.

Pokémon you’ll find during the Star Barrage:

  • Zorua (Dark)
  • Stunky (Dark + Poison; avoid using Fairy)
  • Sneasel (Dark + Ice)
  • Sandile (Dark + Ground; avoid using Bug)
  • Sableye (Dark + Ghost; do not use Fighting)
  • Pawniard (Dark + Steel)
  • Nymble (Bug; avoid using Psychic/Fighting)
  • Murkrow (Dark + Flying; avoid using Fighting)

vs. Giacomo

Giacomo of Team Star
  • Dark
  • Steel
Lv. 21 Male
  • Bug Fury Cutter
  • Steel Metal Claw
  • Flying Aerial Ace
Ability: Defiant
Segin Starmobile
Lv. 20
Segin Starmobile
Starmobile Type:
  •  Type
  • Steel Metal Sound
  • Dark Snarl
  • Dark Wicked Torque
Ability: Intimidate

Afterwards, you’ll have to fight against the Boss of Team Star’s Dark Crew, Giacomo (pronounced “jack-o-mo”). He uses a Pawniard Lv. 21 and then the Segin Starmobile Lv. 20.

The Pawniard shouldn’t be too bad, but the Starmobile is a bit of a pain. It has Intimidate for its Ability, which lowers your Pokémon’s Attack by one stage when it’s sent out, and it has Snarl to do damage and lower your Special Attack by one stage as well. It’s also quite fast and has Metal Sound to lower your Pokémon’s Special Defense by two stages.

The Segin Starmobile

Again, remember: the “Revavroom” that most Team Star Bosses send out is their Starmobile and it isn’t actually a Revavroom, so this one is a pure-Dark-type, not Steel/Poison.

Team Star's Dark Crew Defeated

You’ll get TM062 Foul Play for beating Giacomo, as well as some materials, LP, and new TM recipes.

Where to Go Next

If you’re strictly following the Starfall Street storyline, the next Team Star base is the Team Star Fire Crew base in eastern Paldea. If you’re following the recommended order of taking things on, you’ll want to head that way anyway, except take on the Levincia Gym first as it is typically a bit easier!

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