Route 5

Encounters in the area
Tall Grass
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Pidgey Pidgey NormalFlying 11-16 20%
Pidgeotto Pidgeotto NormalFlying 11-16 10%
Rattata Rattata Normal 11-16 30%
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff NormalFairy 11-16 15%
Abra Abra Psychic 11-16 5%
Vulpix Vulpix Fire 11-16 E: 20%
Growlithe Growlithe Fire 11-16 P: 20%
Rare Encounters
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Chansey Chansey Normal 11-16 Rare

Down the middle of Route 5, accessible only from the northern ledges on the border with Cerulean City, are a few patches of grass that have some Pokémon in them. You can also take the western and eastern paths southbound if you’d rather avoid the wild Pokémon, but why would you want to do that?

There are 3 Great Balls sitting for you after jumping down a few of the ledges.

The building just past that, towards the southern part of the route, is the Pokémon Day-Care. Unlike most current games, this Pokémon Day-Care can be used to drop off only one Pokémon, meaning you cannot use it for breeding and getting Eggs.

Pokémon that you drop off will gain EXP as you walk around in the game, and they will gain levels as a result. You can return at any time to pick up your Pokémon, but it will cost you Pokédollar100 plus Pokédollar100 for each level the Pokémon gained. It can be a decent way to train up a Pokémon without having to have it in your party.

Pokémon like Psyduck, which evolve pretty late at level 33, are good candidates if you intend to eventually use a Golduck, as Psyduck’s stats aren’t that great until then — although teaching it the move Scald can help a lot with its usability.

There’s also a man inside, Mr. Hyper, that will allow you to Hyper Train your Pokémon after you’ve beaten the game. Keep him in mind for later.

To the southwest of the Pokémon Day-Care is an Ether sitting by a bush. On the southeast side, you’ll find 3 Nanab Berries, as well as your rival blocking the entrance to a tunnel.

There is a gateway to the south that leads to Saffron City, but it’s currently closed off and you won’t be able to go that way for a bit. You’ll instead need to take the tunnel that your rival is blocking. Approach him and he’ll tell you about the gate and the Underground Path. He’ll also give you a Revive, which he conveniently found behind your ear. He gives you another 2 Revives after the first one, too, which is generous, as these can be used for reviving fainted Pokémon either in or outside of battle.

You’ll then have to give him one of your S.S. Tickets, which is fine, because you’ll still have one for yourself. The option you pick here doesn’t matter; just select one and you’ll give him the ticket. After a bit more dialogue, he’ll make his way to the Underground Path.

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