Route 22

Encounters in the area
Route 22 (Tall Grass)
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Spearow Spearow NormalFlying 3-4 30%
Rattata Rattata Normal 3-4 30%
Nidoran-male Nidoran ♂ Poison 3-4 20%
Nidoran-female Nidoran ♀ Poison 3-4 20%

Route 22 has a few new Pokémon to catch, including Spearow, Nidoran♂, and Nidoran♀.

The southern path of Route 22 has nothing there except for 5 Poké Balls, which are definitely worth picking up.

To the north of the first patch of grass near the start of the route is a little ledge which has a hidden Antidote in the left bush.

You’ll find your rival, Trace, along the path heading west and he’ll mention that the Pokémon League is up ahead but they wouldn’t let him past the first gate as he didn’t have any Gym Badges. He’ll then challenge you to a Trainer Battle.

Boss Battle
Pokémon Trainer Trace
Lv. 3
Lv. 7
Only in Let's Go! Pikachu
Lv. 7
Only in Let's Go! Eevee

His first Pokémon, a level 3 Pidgey, is extremely easy and shouldn’t be a problem at all. His starter Pokémon has gained a level and is now at level 7, but still shouldn’t pose a threat for your starter Pokémon, although you have the option of switching out after knocking out the Pidgey to see if one of your other Pokémon can take it out.

Switch to counter a Trainer's upcoming Pokémon!

Unless you change the Battle Style to Set in the Options menu (or unless you’re battling other players), switching out to a different Pokémon is an option you’ll have anytime you knock out a Trainer’s Pokémon and they have another Pokémon remaining. When you switch your Pokémon in this way, it is instant and doesn’t consume your turn. Use this to your advantage and switch to a Pokémon that is super-effective against it or one that resists its attacks!

After defeating Trace, you’ll be free to explore the rest of the route. However, you may notice something in the bottom-left corner of your screen — your Pikachu or Eevee shaking a Joy-Con. If you ever see this, you can shake your Joy-Con to see a short little cutscene with your partner Pokémon. These are optional, but can be fun.

You can keep following the path west until you find a building, which is the gateway to the Pokémon League, but just as Trace said, you won’t be able to proceed any further there until you’ve earned badges. There’s no items or anything else remarkable down there, so there’s also no real reason to explore it unless you just want to check it out.

Pick up whichever Pokémon you want in the area and then make your way back to Viridian City so you can head north onto Route 2.

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