Route 6

Encounters in the area
Tall Grass
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Pidgey NormalFlying 11-16 20%
Pidgeotto NormalFlying 11-16 10%
Rattata Normal 11-16 20%
Jigglypuff NormalFairy 11-16 15%
Psyduck Water 11-16 10%
Abra Psychic 11-16 5%
Vulpix Fire 11-16 E: 20%
Growlithe Fire 11-16 P: 20%
Rare Encounters
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Chansey Normal 11-16 Rare

As you exit the Underground Path onto Route 6, you’ll find a lush field of tall grass right in front of you. Before proceeding, though, head to the north towards the gate to Saffron City.

While the path to Saffron City is currently blocked, just as it was on Route 5, there’s a Super Potion to the west of the gate and also a hidden Rare Candy to the east of the gate, which respawns daily.

Trainer Battles
Gentleman Edward
3 Poké Balls
Lv. 16
Sailor Elijah
3 Poké Balls
Lv. 16
Picnicker Isabelle
2 Great Balls
Lv. 15
Camper Jeff
2 Great Balls
Lv. 15

The Gentleman on the northwest part of the route has an Eevee that he likes to use a Full Restore on during battle to heal it up to full. There’s a Guard Spec. right beside him for you to pick up, though.

Further east, near the middle of the route, is Sailor Elijah. His Tentacool shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but keep in mind that it’s also part Poison-type, meaning your Grass-type moves won’t be super effective against it. It also has a lot of Special Defense, so Physical-based moves are the way to go.

On the southwestern part of the route, south of the lake, is a Paralyze Heal.

There are two more Trainers at the very southern part of the route. You don’t fight them in a Double Battle, don’t worry, and if you’re super precise, you can even run right between them to avoid fighting either of them altogether. The one on the left is Picnicker Isabelle, while the one on the right is Camper Jeff.

After fighting — or avoiding — them, head south into Vermilion City.

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