Route 1 (2nd Visit)

Encounters in the area
Tall Grass
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Pidgey Pidgey NormalFlying 3-4 40%
Rattata Rattata Normal 3-4 30%
Oddish Oddish GrassPoison 3-4 P: 30%
Bellsprout Bellsprout GrassPoison 3-4 E: 30%

As you head back north to Viridian City, be sure to talk to the Poké Mart worker, who thanks you for helping him out with the Parcel and gives you a Potion for free for your trouble, which heals a Pokémon by 20 HP. Isn’t it convenient that now it seems as though he’s free to leave the Mart? Hmmm…

Before arriving in Viridian City, the Youngster that let you sneak by before will instead challenge you to a Trainer Battle.

Trainer Battles
Youngster Ronny
3 Poké Balls
Lv. 3

He should be pretty easy to take down, so don’t worry. You’ll also receive 3 Poké Balls after beating him. Fighting Trainers earns you not just Prize Money (Pokédollar) but also Poké Balls sometimes, giving you more ammunition to fight Pokémon with. However, unlike previous games, the EXP they provide is not all that great, so it’s primarily to earn money and resources rather than to level up.

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