Route 4 (2nd Visit)

Finally, freedom from that massive Mt. Moon! You’ve no doubt had quite the adventure getting through the cave, but at least now you can see daylight again. One thing to consider, though, is that by proceeding through Route 4, you won’t be able to return to Mt. Moon and earlier areas for awhile, so make sure there’s nothing else you need to do further back or any Pokémon you’re missing. Just keep that in mind in case you have been holding off on catching certain Pokémon like Pikachu.

Anyway, grab the 5 Poké Balls up on the ledge to the north. Then, grab the Repel on the bottom of the route if you feel like it. Finally, up the ledge to the north is a hidden PP Up in the bushes that is a good idea to pick up.

Whenever you’re ready, hop down the ledge leading to the patch of grass. Once you’re down there, you’re not going back up for awhile, so hopefully you’ve gotten everything done before going down there.

Encounters in the area
Tall Grass
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Rattata Rattata Normal 7-12 P: 25%E: 35%
Spearow Spearow NormalFlying 7-12 P: 30%E: 40%
Ekans Ekans Poison 7-12 E: 20%
Sandshrew Sandshrew Ground 7-12 P: 20%
Psyduck Psyduck Water 7-12 5%
Mankey Mankey Fighting 7-12 P: 20%
Rare Encounters
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Charmander Charmander Fire 7-12 Rare

Pick up any Pokémon you’d like in the grass, and then be sure to pick up the 3 Great Balls near the bushes near the path to Cerulean City. Head east and you’ll make your way to the next city: Cerulean City!

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