Route 2 (2nd Visit)

Encounters in the area
Tall Grass
Pokémon Types Level Rarity
Caterpie Caterpie Bug 3-8 15%
Weedle Weedle BugPoison 3-8 15%
Pidgey Pidgey NormalFlying 3-8 30%
Rattata Rattata Normal 3-8 20%
Oddish Oddish GrassPoison 3-8 P: 20%
Bellsprout Bellsprout GrassPoison 3-8 E: 20%

There’s just a very small patch of tall grass on this part of Route 2 without anything overly new to get, although Pokémon are at a higher level than they were in the southern part of the route.

If you don’t have a Bellsprout or a Bulbasaur by now, definitely pick up a Bellsprout before proceeding.

When you’re done here, head north into Pewter City.

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