Welcome to the Temporary Marriland Page!

LOOKING FOR THE OLD WEBSITE? It's still available at, so please check that out if you're looking for the walkthroughs, etc. Please keep in mind that I no longer have any control or position at that site and cannot help with any issues there.

Who Am I?

How's it goin', everyone? Marriland here!

A while ago, I started up a small Pokémon website as a hobby, and it eventually grew into one of the largest Pokémon websites out there. Then I got into YouTube and created videos that were viewed by tons of people all around the world.

Nowadays, while I'm definitely not as known as I was before (thank goodness!), and while I no longer have much of a site left (sorry!), I focus on entertaining people with funny and helpful Pokémon, Terraria, and other videos on YouTube and on Twitch.

Where Can You Find Me?

You can find me over on my YouTube channel, You can also find me on my Twitch channel, Oh yeah, also Twitter @Marriland!

When Are You Working On The New Website?

I don't know, haha, sorry about that! Again, it's not a major priority at this point in time. I may release tools or scripts and stuff here every now and then, but my priority has shifted towards being a video content creator and streamer. It takes a lot of time to maintain a website!

However I may still work on it over time in the future, plus I would also like to release other helpful tools like the old Team Builder (which will be renamed to something else) as well as new ones like a Pokémon Twitch Stream Layout Generator (oooooh!).

Video / Streaming Schedule

The above schedule should hopefully be localized to your timezone. You can toggle between the Agenda view or the Weekly/Monthly view to see when I am streaming or uploading videos. If you have a Google account, you can add it to your Google Calendar by clicking the +Google Calendar button in the bottom right. Keep in mind that this calendar only gives approximations and may not always reflect my ability to stream due to circumstances beyond my control.

What's New With Me On Twitter

Some Projects of Mine