Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Products and New V Battle Decks Released

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Today marks the release of the special Pokémon TCG set, Celebrations, which come in 4-card packs contained within special Celebrations-themed products. You can see a YouTube video featuring some of these products above, which Pokémon were kind enough to send me for review.

Celebrations Logo

This set is meant to commemorate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary and, in addition to the set itself containing numerous “pairs” of legendary Pokémon across all of the Generations—with Pikachu and Mew representing Generation 1, and with Cosmog and Cosmoem both present in Generation 7—it also contains the Classic Collection subset within, which features special Pokémon 25 stamped reprints of iconic, classic cards throughout the series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, including many cards that left an impact either for competitive players or for old-school collectors.

These products have various other bonuses in them depending on which you get, such as promo cards, figures, coins, binders, and more. A previous post here on Marriland outlines all of these items along with their MSRP so you can figure out which products provide the best value.

Additionally, two new V Battle Decks have been released today—the Rayquaza V and the Noivern V Battle Decks. These each contain a full 60-card prebuilt deck that is ready to play right out of the box and are a good starting point for new players looking to get into the game. Pictures of these can be found down below.

Some Cards from Celebrations

Main Celebrations Set

There are 25 cards total in the main Celebrations set. They come in several rarities according to the Player’s Guide in the Elite Trainer Box, although all are holofoil to some extent. ★ is for a normal Rare, ★H stands for Holo Rare, ★U stands for Ultra Rare (“Full Art” in this case), ☆ is for a Holo Rare Pokémon V, ☆X is a Holo Rare Pokémon VMAX, and then ★S is for Secret Rare.

Here’s a list of all of the cards in the set:

006Flying Pikachu V
007Flying Pikachu VMAX☆X
008Surfing Pikachu V
009Surfing Pikachu VMAX☆X
016Zacian V
018Zamazenta V
023Professor’s Research (Professor Oak)★H
024Professor’s Research (Professor Oak) [Full Art]★U
025Mew [Shiny, Secret Rare]★S

Classic Collection Subset

It should be noted that any cards in the Classic Collection cannot be used in official tournaments in the Standard format. They’re mostly for collecting, as they are near identical reprints of the original cards, although with a special Pokémon 25 stamp on the card by its artwork and a cool, special texture foil pattern on the artwork of the card (not shown above).

There are a total of 25 cards in the Classic Collection, and one Classic Collection card has a chance of appearing (seems to be approximately 1 in 3) inside of the Celebrations packs instead of one of the other cards, so they’re not extremely rare, but it might take some time to get them all.

Below are all of the cards in the Classic Collection, along with which set they were originally from. Their rarities are not listed, as the appear on the card what the original rarity was, but that does not reflect its rarity in this subset as they are near-identical reprints.

CardOriginal Set
BlastoiseBase Set
CharizardBase Set
VenusaurBase Set
Imposter Professor OakBase Set
Dark GyaradosTeam Rocket
Here Comes Team Rocket!Team Rocket
Rocket’s ZapdosGym Challenge
________’s Pikachu [Birthday Pikachu]WotC Promos
CleffaNeo Genesis
Shining MagikarpNeo Revelation
Team Magma’s GroudonTeam Aqua vs.
Team Magma
Rocket’s AdminTeam Rocket Returns
Mew exLegend Maker
Gardevoir ex δ [Delta]Dragon Frontiers
Umbreon 🌠 [Star, Shiny]POP Promos Series 5
ClaydolGreat Encounters
Luxray GL LV.XRising Rivals
Garchomp C LV.XSupreme Victors
Donphan [Prime]HeartGold & SoulSilver
Reshiram [Full Art]Black & White
Zekrom [Full Art]Black & White
Mewtwo-EXNext Destinies
M Rayquaza-EX [Mega]Roaring Skies
Tapu Lele-GXGuardians Rising

Celebrations Products

For a full list of Celebrations products, check out the updated post showing the Celebrations products and their MSRPs.

Here are a few products, though, to see what they’re about:

Booster Pack of Celebrations

V Battle Decks

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