Where to EV Train Speed in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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This page covers where to EV Train Speed in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It is recommended that you read through the basics in main Scarlet & Violet EV Training Guide first. You’ll find all of the worthwhile EV training options for training Speed further down on this page, and you can use the Speed EV Counter tool immediately below to keep track of your Speed after you’ve decided what to train against!

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Recommended Speed EV Training Spots

The following spots are the recommended spots to EV Train your Pokémon’s Speed stat, because they are consistent, always available, and require no or little Sandwich-making in order to train against. It is broken down by low-level, mid-level, and high-level spots, with low-level spots being ideal for early-game or situations where you don’t want to gain much Exp. Points.

2 base Speed Pokémon are the easiest to train against if you are going for a specific EV amount, such as 160 Speed or 224 Speed, because you get 10 Speed EVs per fight, so in those two examples, you’d need 16 fights and 22 fights with the Power Anklet equipped respectively (160 Speed and 220 Speed), and then for the 224 Speed example, you can just unequip the Power Anklet and fight twice (2 Speed EV each) to get to 224 Speed EVs.

Also, any time this guide says “knock out” in regards to gaining EVs, that does not include Auto-Battle and it also does include catching the Pokémon. It’s just easiest to say “knock out” because most of the time that’s what you’ll be doing.

Lastly, if you have a mass outbreak for a Pokémon that gives Speed EVs, that’s a better option, but it’s not consistent—scroll further down to see a lot of all Pokémon that give just Speed EVs and consider any of them if they are in an outbreak.

Cyclizar (mid-level, 2 base EV)


Gotta go fast! Cyclizar is a zippy new Pokémon that grants 2 base Speed EVs when knocked out, or 10 Speed EVs total while holding the Power Anklet. This means you’ll need to fight 26 Cyclizar to go from 0 EVs in Speed all the way up to 252 EVs, so long as you’re holding the Power Anklet.

Being a Dragon/Normal-type, you can fight it in areas where there are basically no competition for getting a boost from sandwiches or meal effects, although Cyclizar is not recommended if you aren’t using Encounter Power: Dragon, so just keep that in mind.

Which Food to Eat for Cyclizar

As mentioned just a moment ago, in order for Cyclizar to be efficient, you really need to eat something with Encounter Power: Dragon. You can make your own sandwich if you feel like, but otherwise you can order the Escalivada at Go-for-Broke Grill in western Mesagoza and that will give you Encounter Power: Dragon Lv. 1.

Cyclizar doesn’t appear in packs and they also like to zip around a lot, so if you have the ability to make an Encounter Power: Dragon Lv. 2 sandwich, that will help speed things up quite a bit. Thankfully, there aren’t really many other Pokémon that get boosted by this in the areas you’ll find Cyclizar in, so that’s good.

Where to Find Cyclizar

Cyclizar can be found in two main areas: to the south of Levincia and to the east of Porto Marinada. The area south of Levincia is probably better, as they are at a little lower level, but more importantly there is no chance for Ditto to appear when fighting a Cyclizar. If you don’t mind the occasional Ditto (you can run away from it; it appears as Ditto before you get to select an attack, don’t worry), then the Porto Marinada area Cyclizar are fine, but otherwise stick to the Levincia area ones.

Fletchling / Rookidee (very low-level, 1 base EV)


If you’re looking for something a lot more tame, something very easy to take down, then either Fletchling or Rookidee are good, very-early-game options. They can actually be found all over the place in Paldea, and they each give 1 base Speed EV or a total of 9 Speed EVs while holding the Power Anklet. It takes 28 Fletchling or Rookidee to go from 0 EVs to 252 EVs, assuming you have the Power Anklet equipped.

Which Food to Eat for Fletchling / Rookidee

As both are at least part Flying-type, you’ll want something that gives you Encounter Power: Flying. You can make a sandwich for it if you want, or you can just buy a Salisbury Steak with Fried Fixings from Barato’s, which gives you Encounter Power: Flying Lv. 1.

Keep in mind that there are quite a few Flying-type Pokémon that will get the boost, but thankfully a lot of them also give Speed EVs, such as Wingull, Starly, Murkrow, and Wattrel, among others. Hoppip does NOT give Speed EVs, though!

Where to Find Fletchling / Rookidee

Although these two are available all over the place, you can find them most commonly either directly south of Mesagoza or east of Mesagoza. These are your best bets for finding very low-level Fletchling or Rookidee.

Jumpluff (high-level, 3 base EV)


A great option for maxing out Speed EVs is Jumpluff, and the best spot to find Jumpluff is in Area Zero, so you’ll want to have beaten the game and seen the credits first, but if you’ve already done that, you’ll be good to go. Jumpluff gives 3 base Speed EVs, meaning you’ll get 11 Speed EVs per Jumpluff you defeat if you have the Power Anklet equipped. By knocking out 23 Jumpluff, you’ll be able to go from 0 EVs to 252 EVs in Speed, so long as you’re holding the Power Anklet.

Which Food to Eat for Jumpluff

While Jumpluff is a Grass/Flying-type, there are a lot of other Flying types in the area, so it’s not recommended to eat something that boosts that. Instead, you’ll want to eat something with Encounter Power: Grass. Sadly, there are no restaurant options available, so you’ll need to make a sandwich if you want the boost.

For standard recipes, the Klawf Claw Sandwich (#104) or Great Klawf Claw Sandwich (#105) are your best bet for something fairly easy. The “Great” version costs the same except adds one Wasabi, but you get Encounter Power: Grass Lv. 2 from it instead and it’s the same difficulty as the standard version, so that’s actually recommended here. You need Klawf Sticks and, ideally, Wasabi, which can both be bought from Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia.

Where to Find Jumpluff

The best place to find Jumpluff is in Area Zero, although thankfully it is all over the place down there. You’ll often find it appear in groups of five so long as you’re above ground, away from watery areas, and outside of caves, so stop by Research Station No. 1, 2, or 3 and wander around for a bit and you should have no trouble finding them as long as you have the Encounter Power: Grass boost active. Even without it, it’s not that tough, but it definitely helps having it active.

They’re at level 55+, but are pretty easy to beat as long as you can outspeed them.

Additionally, if you’re playing Pokémon Violet, you can also feel free to fight against any Iron Bundle you run across as they give 3 base Speed EVs as well, making them equivalent to Jumpluff. You could even eat for Encounter Boost: Water and head down into the deep caves by Research Station No. 4 to find a lot more of them, although Jumpluff is still overall quicker, plus it’s available in both versions, which is why it is what was recommended.

Pokémon That Give Speed EVs

Unsure of whether the Pokémon you just fought gives you Speed EVs? Want to know if a Pokémon in a mass outbreak gives Speed EVs? Or maybe you’re fighting something that isn’t on the recommended list? Well, this list down below shows all of the Pokémon that give exclusively Speed EVs as well as how many they give, so you can use that as a reference, although where they are located will not be listed here.

ImagePokémonBase EVPower EV
Iron BundleIron Bundle311
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