Where to EV Train HP in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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This page covers where to EV Train HP in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It is recommended that you read through the basics in main Scarlet & Violet EV Training Guide first. You’ll find all of the worthwhile EV training options for training HP further down on this page, and you can use the HP EV Counter tool immediately below to keep track of your HP after you’ve decided what to train against!

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Recommended HP EV Training Spots

The following spots are the recommended spots to EV Train your Pokémon’s HP stat, because they are consistent, always available, and require no or little Sandwich-making in order to train against. It is broken down by low-level, mid-level, and high-level spots, with low-level spots being ideal for early-game or situations where you don’t want to gain much Exp. Points.

2 base HP Pokémon are the easiest to train against if you are going for a specific EV amount, such as 160 HP or 224 HP, because you get 10 HP EVs per fight, so in those two examples, you’d need 16 fights and 22 fights with the Power Weight equipped respectively (160 HP and 220 HP), and then for the 224 HP example, you can just unequip the Power Weight and fight twice (2 HP EV each) to get to 224 HP EVs.

Also, any time this guide says “knock out” in regards to gaining EVs, that does not include Auto-Battle and it also does include catching the Pokémon. It’s just easiest to say “knock out” because most of the time that’s what you’ll be doing.

Lastly, if you have a mass outbreak for a Pokémon that gives HP EVs, that’s a better option, but it’s not consistent—scroll further down to see a lot of all Pokémon that give just HP EVs and consider any of them if they are in an outbreak.

Marill / Azumarill (low-level, 2/3 base HP)


Hey, here’s an appropriate Pokémon for this website to recommend! Yes, Marill is a really good source of HP EVs, giving 2 base HP EVs per knock out and also appearing very frequently. While holding the Power Weight, you’ll gain 10 HP EVs per knock out, so it takes a total of 26 Marill to go from 0 EVs to 252 EVs while holding the item.

If you’re going for a 252 HP build (or if you don’t mind adjusting your calculations) where going over doesn’t matter, you can feel free to knock out any Azumarill you run into as well—they give 3 base HP EVs per knock out, so 11 HP EVs total, or 1 HP more than Marill does. Azumarill typically appear next to Marill as part of the group while encountering Azumarill, so as long as you don’t need specific EVs, they can be counted as if they were a Marill.

Which Food to Eat for Marill / Azumarill

Although Marill and Azumarill are part-Water-type, they’re also part-Fairy-type, and that’s what you’ll want to focus on. Having Encounter Power: Fairy active from a meal is your best bet. You can make a sandwich yourself, otherwise you can order Grilled Rice Balls from Chic Kebab (south-center area of Mesagoza) or Fruit Punch from the Go-for-Broke Grill. These give Encounter Power: Fairy Lv. 1 and that should be enough.

Where to Find Marill / Azumarill

Marill can be found in various places across the Paldea region, although the best, most consistent area to encounter them is south of Levincia, on that little wedge of land sandwiched between two rivers. Marill will appear plentifully all across that area, including in the river and on the beach. No Azumarill will spawn here, though, and the Marill you find will be in the low 20s level-wise.

Alternatively, you can go to Casseroya Watchtower No. 1 on the southern part of Casseroya Lake and you’ll find plenty of Azumarill and Marill packs, with four Marill and one Azumarill appearing per spawn. This gives you a tighter density of Marill as well as Azumarill, although they’re around level 50, so you’ll need stronger Pokémon to take them down. You can also find lower-level ones if you go into the river nearby that is considered part of West Province (Area Two) and West Province (Area Three).

Chansey (high-level, 2 base HP)


Chansey is not just a good source of HP EVs, giving 2 base HP EVs per knock out, but is also a fantastic source of Exp. Points, giving thousands of Exp. Points each time you knock one out. This means you’ll get 10 HP EVs per knock out with the Power Weight equipped, and it takes a total of 26 Chansey to go from 0 EVs to 252 EVs while holding the Power Weight.

Chansey has extremely high HP and also decent Sp. Def, but it has paper-thin Defense, so Physical-based moves are what you should use from Pokémon you are fighting Chansey with.

Which Food to Eat for Chansey

Make sure you eat something with Encounter Power: Normal before hunting for Chansey. Unfortunately, there aren’t any restaurants or pre-cooked meals that give this power, but you can make a Ham Sandwich (#80) for something easy (Lv. 1), or an Ultra Curry-and-Rice-Style Sandwich (#34) for Encounter Power: Normal Lv. 2.

Where to Find Chansey

You can find Chansey in several caves, but a very good spot for Chansey is actually near the Fairy-type Team Star base in the northern part of the map—North Province (Area Three) Lighthouse is a good way to travel there. They’re anywhere around the exterior of the Base, but the southeast side of it is best, along the path. In this location, they are usually around levels 43–47.

However, if you go to the Secret Cave in Area Zero, you can find higher-level Chansey to fight. They don’t appear as often as they do outside of the Fairy Team Star Base, but even with Encounter Power: Normal Lv. 1, you’ll still find them often enough, and they are all at level 55 instead, so they give a lot more Exp. Points than the lower level ones. Just keep in mind two things: one, they don’t appear in the center area of the Secret Cave, so stick near the entrance or in the back; and two, Dugtrio sometimes have Arena Trap, so you may need to use a Poké Doll to escape from battle—ideally just be careful to avoid Dugtrio.

Gaining a lot of Exp. Points by fighting Chansey

Azurill / Lechonk / Wooper (very low-level, 1 base HP)

AzurillLechonkPaldean Wooper

If you’re looking for something very early-game, Azurill is probably your best option, and you can find them in South Province (Area One) near the start of the game alongside the river near Poco Path. They are relatively uncommon, but by eating a meal with Encounter Power: Fairy Lv. 1 (see Marill / Azumarill), they’ll be easy to find along the river.

However, you can also find both Lechonk and Paldean Wooper in the area, and both of these give the same amount of HP EVs as Azurill, so feel free to knock any of them out as well.

Each Azurill, Lechonk, and Paldean Wooper you knock out gives 1 base HP EV, or 9 HP EVs while holding the Power Weight, so it takes exactly 28 Azurill, Lechonk, or Paldean Wooper to go from 0 HP EVs to 252 HP EVs while holding the item.

Pokémon That Give HP EVs

Unsure of whether the Pokémon you just fought gives you HP EVs? Want to know if a Pokémon in a mass outbreak gives HP EVs? Or maybe you’re fighting something that isn’t on the recommended list? Well, this list down below shows all of the Pokémon that give exclusively HP EVs as well as how many they give, so you can use that as a reference, although where they are located will not be listed here.

ImagePokémonBase EVPower EV
Gastrodon (West Sea)
Gastrodon (East Sea)
Oinkologne (Male)
Oinkologne (Female)
Paldean WooperPaldean Wooper19
Scream TailScream Tail
(Scarlet only)
Shellos (West Sea)
Shellos (East Sea)
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