Where to EV Train Attack in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The status screen showing Attack Effort Values fully maxed out

This page covers where to EV Train Attack in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It is recommended that you read through the basics in main Scarlet & Violet EV Training Guide first. You’ll find all of the worthwhile EV training options for training Attack further down on this page, and you can use the Attack EV Counter tool immediately below to keep track of your Attack after you’ve decided what to train against!

Keep Track of Your Attack EVs


Recommended Attack EV Training Spots

The following spots are the recommended spots to EV Train your Pokémon’s Attack stat, because they are consistent, always available, and require no or little Sandwich-making in order to train against. It is broken down by low-level, mid-level, and high-level spots, with low-level spots being ideal for early-game or situations where you don’t want to gain much Exp. Points.

2 base Attack Pokémon are the easiest to train against if you are going for a specific EV amount, such as 160 Attack or 224 Attack, because you get 10 Attack EVs per fight, so in those two examples, you’d need 16 fights and 22 fights with the Power Bracer equipped respectively (160 Attack and 220 Attack), and then for the 224 Attack example, you can just unequip the Power Bracer and fight twice (2 Attack EV each) to get to 224 Attack EVs.

Also, any time this guide says “knock out” in regards to gaining EVs, that does not include Auto-Battle and it also does include catching the Pokémon. It’s just easiest to say “knock out” because most of the time that’s what you’ll be doing.

Lastly, if you have a mass outbreak for a Pokémon that gives Attack EVs, that’s a better option, but it’s not consistent—scroll further down to see a lot of all Pokémon that give just Attack EVs and consider any of them if they are in an outbreak.

Flamigo / Paldean Tauros (very low-, mid-, or high-level, 2 base EV)

FlamigoPaldean Tauros (Combat)

Both Flamigo and Paldean Tauros (any breed) are fantastic options for training up Attack EVs because they have 2 base Attack EVs each and they often appear in packs, meaning you can easily find a lot of them when you go looking. While holding the Power Bracer, they give a total of 10 Attack EVs when knocked out, meaning it will take 26 Flamigo or Tauros to reach 252 Attack EVs starting from 0, so long as you hold the Power Bracer.

Also, yes, it’s important to note that Paldean Tauros does give 2 Attack EVs. Only regular Tauros (which is only available in the wild in the Terarium) gives 1 Attack and 1 Speed EV, not Paldean Tauros—do NOT use Kantonian Tauros for EV Training Attack!

Which Food to Eat for Flamigo / Tauros

Flamigo and Tauros are both Fighting-types, at least for one of their types, and thankfully that’s the type you’ll want to eat for. The Tropical Sandwich for sale in Every Wich Way gives you Encounter Power: Fighting Lv. 1, which should be enough; otherwise, you can make your own sandwich.

Where to Find Flamigo

As you can hopefully see from the map above, Flamigo can be found all over the place, but typically only by lakes or marshy areas. As a result, that means they are available in all sorts of levels, so you can fight very low-level ones under level 10 in the lakes in southeast South Province (Area One), kind of by the Grasswither Shrine.

If you want a high-level spot where you can squeeze a lot more Exp. Points out of your Flamigo, a very easy to reach location (if you’ve already visited it) is the Casseroya Watchtower No. 1 directly south of Casseroya Lake. Flamigo appear very frequently as soon as you land, so long as you have Encounter Power: Fighting active, and it takes no time to travel. They appear around level 50, though, so make sure you have a Pokémon capable of reliably taking it down in one shot.

Wherever you fight Flamigo, just try to avoid fighting any that are between level 9 and 20—they’ll have Detect at this level, which slows the whole process down as they’ll spend a turn protecting themselves, and if you’re counting PP of your moves, this will mess with that count. Thankfully the two spots recommended above should not have any at those levels.

Where to Find Paldean Tauros

There are several spots to find Paldean Tauros, mostly on the center-west and center-east side of Paldea. Regardless of which location you visit, they’ll spawn commonly in packs of 5, making them extremely easy to find with Encounter Power: Fighting active. The ones to the south of Levincia are at a lower level, in the low 20s, while the ones to the north of Cascarrafa are a bit higher-leveled, in the mid 20s. You’re probably best fighting them south of Levincia, though.

The downside of fighting Tauros as opposed to Flamigo is that Tauros can have Intimidate for its Ability, which slows the fight down a little bit, but otherwise it is a good choice for a mid-level range and is very easy to find.

Shinx / Yungoos (very low-level, 1 base EV)


The main Pokémon you’ll want to focus on for this low-level Attack EV Pokémon is Shinx, although in the recommended location for it, you’ll also find a few Yungoos around, and they both give 1 base Attack EV, meaning you’ll earn a total of 9 Attack EVs per fight if you have the Power Bracer equipped. It takes a total of 28 Shinx or Yungoos to go from 0 Attack EVs to 252 Attack EVs, and they’re very quick to fight due to being low-level and close to a travel point.

Which Food to Eat for Shinx

As Shinx is an Electric-type Pokémon and pretty much the only one besides Pawmi that appears in the recommended area, going for some food or a sandwich that gives Encounter Boost: Electric is a good idea. Honestly, even without the boost, you should be able to find Shinx with little difficulty as they appear in packs of five, but the food ensures you’ll be able to with ease.

You can order the Klawf al Ajillo in Go-For-Broke Grill in the southwest part of Mesagoza or an Avocado Sandwich in Every Wich Way in Mesagoza, or just make your own sandwich, such as an Avocado Sandwich (#44) if you feel like it.

Don’t bother making food for Yungoos—there are a few other Normal-type Pokémon around that will receive a boost. Making food to encounter Shinx is all you need.

Where to Find Shinx

You’ll have no trouble at all finding a lot of Shinx directly east of Mesagoza, from the stretch between the East Gate and the South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center. They appear in packs of five, so you should have no shortage of them to fight, and they’re all only around level 7 or 8 or so. Although Shinx do appear in other places, it’s not really worth mentioning them, as they don’t compare to how easy this is.

As mentioned earlier, you may also run into some Yungoos along the way. These aren’t your target, but they also give 1 base Attack EV, making them the same as a Shinx. The main downside to Shinx is that they sometimes have Intimidate for their Ability, which slows down the fight due to the animation and text, so since Yungoos doesn’t have Intimidate, it’s marginally quicker, but not by any meaningful amount.

Roaring Moon / Iron Valiant / Iron Hands (high-level, 3 base EV)

Roaring MoonIron ValiantIron Hands

If you’re looking for an option that gives a lot of Exp. Points as well as slightly more EVs, then either Roaring Moon (Scarlet) / Iron Valiant (Violet) is a very solid option. They are high-level, up to level 60, and give Exp. Points comparable to Chansey, so they’re very worthwhile.

Iron Valiant giving over 2,000 Experience points to the lead Pokémon

The main downside is you need to have beaten the game in order for them to appear and you have to venture to the Secret Cave in Area Zero in order to find them, which can be found hidden behind some rocks to the left while leaving Research Lab No. 3 (in the distance by a tree).

They each give 3 base Attack EVs, meaning you’ll get 11 Attack EVs per fight while holding the Power Bracer. That means you’ll need to fight a total of 23 Roaring Moon or Iron Valiant to go from 0 Attack EVs to 252 Attack EVs so long as you’re holding the item.

There are a few other Paradox Pokémon that give 3 base Attack EVs (see the table on the bottom of the page), so feel free to fight any of them instead, but Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant are recommended because they give the most Exp. Points—otherwise fighting Pokémon with base 2 EVs is probably faster if it’s just speed you’re worried about. However, that being said, Iron Hands is listed as a viable option because you can run into them on the way to Iron Valiant, as explained below, and they can freely be fought.

Which Food to Eat for Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon is a Dragon/Dark-type, but because there are other Dark-types in the area you’ll be fighting it in, you’ll want to eat something with Encounter Boost: Dragon. The Spicy Potatoes inside of Seabreeze Café give you Encounter Boost: Dragon Lv. 1, which should be enough.

Keep in mind that this will also boost Zweilous, which is a fellow Dark/Dragon-type. Thankfully, Zweilous gives 2 base Attack EVs, so you’ll get just 1 less point of EVs fighting them whether you’re using the Power Bracer or not—10 EVs with, 2 EVs without. You could fight 22 Roaring Moon and 1 Zweilous to hit 252 EVs on the dot, but realistically you’ll probably have to fight 24 of the two combined to max out due to how the numbers line up, but that might still be faster. This is generally only advisable if you are going for max Attack EVs, though.

Which Food to Eat for Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant is a Fighting/Fairy-type, and thankfully both of those two types are not overly common in the Secret Cave where Iron Valiant is. Pawmo may appear if you eat Fighting-type food while Fairy should be fine, although eating for Encounter Power: Fighting is probably recommended because you will also boost the chances of finding Iron Hands along the way to the Secret Cave. These don’t give as much Exp. Points, but they get the encounter boost and are perfectly acceptable alternatives, as long as you have something to deal with Fighting-type Pokémon.

Because of that, it’s recommended you eat a Tropical Sandwich in Every Wich Way, which gives you Encounter Power: Fighting Lv. 1, or make your own sandwich that gives Encounter Power: Fighting.

Where to Find Roaring Moon / Iron Valiant

Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant can both be found in the Secret Cave in Area Zero. You can get there pretty quickly by going to Research Lab No. 3, then turning left immediately after exiting the building. Run forward until you see a large tree, and then investigate some boulders near the tree, to the left, and you’ll find a path in those boulders that takes you to the Secret Cave.

This is the only place you’ll be able to find them, but it’s not too bad once you remember where it is and how to get there.

Pokémon That Give Attack EVs

Unsure of whether the Pokémon you just fought gives you Attack EVs? Want to know if a Pokémon in a mass outbreak gives Attack EVs? Or maybe you’re fighting something that isn’t on the recommended list? Well, this list down below shows all of the Pokémon that give exclusively Attack EVs as well as how many they give, so you can use that as a reference, although where they are located will not be listed here.

ImagePokémonBase EVPower EV
Brute BonnetBrute Bonnet311
Great TuskGreat Tusk311
Iron HandsIron Hands311
Iron ThornsIron Thorns311
Iron ValiantIron Valiant311
Paldean TaurosPaldean Tauros210
Roaring MoonRoaring Moon311
Slither WingSlither Wing311
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