Nintendo Direct E3 Reveals New Gym Leader and More

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Today’s Nintendo Direct during the week of E3 has revealed some new information about Pokémon Sword & Shield. First and foremost, another Gym Leader has been revealed: Nessa, the Water-type Gym Leader.

Additionally, gameplay footage of the Wild Area and Max Raid Battles was shown during the Nintendo Treehouse, which is featured in the video above, and two new Pokémon have been spotted in the playable demos at the E3 venue.

Yamper, the Electric-type Corgi Pokémon.
Click the image to view the original tweet.
Impidimp, another new Pokémon used in the demo. Click the image to view the original tweet.

Credits to @SebPro101 on Twitter for these pictures featuring the two new Pokémon. Yamper has a new ability, Ball Fetch, which will cause Yamper to pick up a Poké Ball that was thrown if it fails in catching a Pokémon and if it isn’t already holding an item.

Below is a video, also from @SebPro101, showing the entirety of the playable demo at E3 2019.

Here’s a list of other notable features and information revealed today:

  • Nessa uses a Drednaw at level 24 and has two other Pokémon on her team. This suggests that she is fought after Milo.
  • The Wild Area features strong, high-level Pokémon that may give Trainers trouble while passing through.
  • You’ll be able to play with friends either locally or online in the Wild Area and see them in the area to interact with.
  • Shining red beacons of light indicate Dynamax Pokémon Dens where Max Raid Battles can be started.
  • Two new items, the Pungent Root and Pack of Potatoes, have been spotted in the game, but their uses are currently unknown.
  • Max Raid Battles are tough and after the wild Dynamax Pokémon reaches half its health it will set up barriers that must be damaged and broken with moves before the Pokémon itself takes damage (except seemingly by other Dynamax Pokémon).
  • While the Poké Ball Plus accessory cannot be used as a controller as it could with Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu & Eevee, it can still be used to take along Pokémon from Sword & Shield with you, which will have some sort of benefit in doing so. Newly-purchased Poké Ball Pluses will contain the Mythical Pokémon Mew, which can be sent to Sword & Shield.

Additionally, it has unfortunately been announced that the upcoming Pokémon HOME service will not accept Pokémon that are not native to the Galar region, meaning that there will be an unknown number of Pokémon that are completely inaccessible and unavailable in Pokémon Sword & Shield. This was apparently done to help balance the game and ease up development efforts. It did sound as though all Pokémon available in Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu & Eevee that are also in the Galar Pokédex would be available for transfer, though.

Here are a few other screenshots that were provided from today’s announcement:

You can find more coverage of the game in the website’s Pokémon Sword & Shield section, which will be updated with this new information as the day goes on.

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