7-Star Samurott Returns, 5-Star Ditto Available This Weekend

Posted by Marriland
The Raid information for a 5-star Ditto Raid
Samurott entering the Raid Battle

Through April 9, 2023 at 4:59pm PDT / 7:59pm EDT (23:59 UTC), the previously-available 7-Star Samurott Tera Raid Event is once again available, allowing you to fight against a powerful Bug Tera Type Samurott with the Mightiest Mark, granting it the title “Samurott the Unrivaled.”

If you’ve already caught Samurott from last week, you can still fight it to get some of its rewards, but if you missed out, this gives you another chance to take down the critical hit loving narwhal. You can read more about Samurott on the previous post.

Additionally, during the same time frame, several special 5-Star Ditto are available to fight, taking up the special event raid slot (not the 7-Star “Black Crystal” Dens, but just the standard glowing ones). These Ditto come in random Tera Types and offer several decent rewards, which you can see over on Serebii.net’s coverage.

What’s particularly nice about these Ditto is that they are all guaranteed to have at least 5 perfect IVs, making them very useful for breeding competitive Pokémon. If you’re unfamiliar with IVs, it’s basically the equivalent of using a Bottle Cap on the stats, or it showing “Best!” with the Judge function, meaning any stat with a “perfect IV” will be the best it can be among other Pokémon of the same species, nature, and level.

Additionally, there’s a very rare 1% chance that it will have all 6 perfect IVs, as well as a separate 1% chance of having 5 perfect IVs with 0 Attack IVs and a 1% chance of having 5 perfect IVs with 0 Speed IVs. The latter two might seem unusual, but these are actually very useful for breeding certain competitive Pokémon that want low Attack or Speed, such as for Trick Room teams or Special-based Psychic-types fearing Foul Play. Getting 0 IVs in a stat is much harder than 31 (perfect), so this is very nice, although it’s a very rare 1/100 chance of getting one of these specific Ditto.

Several Ditto in a box, with one shown with 5 perfect Best! IVs

These Ditto are also extremely easy to defeat if you’re playing in multiplayer: it will use Imposter (instant Transform) to transform into the host’s Pokémon, so as long as the host of the Tera Raid uses something weak like a low-level Magikarp, it will be knocked out in a single attack, making it trivial to take down, particularly if you have a friend or two to help you out.

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