Team Builder Roadmap, FAQ, and Changelog

The Marriland Team Builder is one of the more useful tools on the site, and it’s something that will be in development for quite some time to come.

Known Bugs

Here is a list of all known bugs or issues with the Team Builder:

  • Meltan and Melmetal currently show up in the table as “null” with a broken image if selected (their types show up properly). (Added Mar. 10)
  • Some alternate forms may be broken. (Added Mar. 10)

If you notice a bug or issue with the Team Builder, you can report it on the Marriland Forums or by tweeting me on Twitter (@Marriland) and I’ll add it to the list.


There are plenty of features that are planned for the Team Builder’s future that will help make it even more awesome!

Here’s a look at some of the stuff I’m planning for the future:

  • Adding an option for which Generation of Pokémon games to calculate off of so players playing older games can have accurate results.
  • Adding the ability… to add abilities! If a Pokémon has an ability that can affect its weaknesses or resistances, or otherwise give the Pokémon an immunity, it will reflect it in the table if the ability is selected.
  • Giving Arceus and Silvally an option to choose their types.
  • Having a “Custom” Pokémon option where you can input any two types you choose to calculate with.
  • Saving teams for later or sharing teams with other viewers.
  • Automatic suggestions for Pokémon that would be a good fit on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get alternate forms to show up?

Eventually, I’ll have a better way to search for Pokémon, but for now you have to type them up manually. Every Pokémon name should be fine for its basic form, but some Pokémon have alternate forms, Mega Evolutions, or Alolan Forms.

As a general rule, you will always use “Form (space) Pokémon” for the Pokémon’s alternate form, even if it is normally the opposite (like Hoopa Unbound).

  • All Mega Evolutions should be input like this (minus the quotes): “Mega Blastoise”, “Mega Charizard X”, “Mega Lopunny”, “Mega Mewtwo Y”.
  • All Alolan Forms should be input like this: “Alolan Diglett”, “Alolan Raichu”. Please make sure you use “Alolan” instead of just Alola.
  • For Rotom forms, use “Wash Rotom”, “Heat Rotom”, etc.
  • For Wormadam, use the following: “Sandy Wormadam” or “Trash Wormadam”.
  • For Castform, use the following: “Sunny Castform”, “Rainy Castform”, “Snowy Castform”.
  • For Necrozma forms, use the following: “Dawn Wings Necrozma”, “Dusk Mane Necrozma”, “Ultra Necrozma” (“Dawn Necrozma” will not currently work).
  • For the Therian forms of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, use the following: “Therian Tornadus”, “Therian Thundurus”, “Therian Landorus”.
  • For Shaymin’s Sky Forme, use “Sky Shaymin” (not “Sky Forme Shaymin”).
  • For Giratina’s Origin Forme, use “Origin Giratina”.
  • For Oricorio’s various styles, it defaults to Pom-Pom (Electric), but otherwise use the following: “Baile Oricorio” (Fire), “Pom-Pom Oricorio” (Electric), “Pa’u Oricorio” (Psychic), “Sensu Oricorio” (Ghost).

What does the “symbol” display mode do?

By default, in the weakness and resistance table, you will see each of your Pokémon’s weaknesses and resistances using fractions, so a Pokémon with a resistance to a given type will show “½” in green and will show “2×” in red for a weakness. This indicates how much damage the Pokémon receives from the respective type.

If the “symbol” display mode is active, rather than showing you numbers, it will display symbols that are more familiar in Asian languages for displaying weaknesses and resistances but also may be more intuitive to other viewers.

  • ◯ A big red circle indicates a 2× weakness.
  • ◎ A double-circle in a red box indicates a 4× weakness.
  • △ An empty green triangle indicates a ½ resistance.
  • ▲ A thick triangle in a green box indicates a ¼ resistance.
  • × An X in a gray box indicates a total immunity. This is a good thing!


Because some of you like changelogs, here’s a look at what’s changed over time.

Version 4.0.1 (Mar. 10, 2019)

  • Initial relaunch of the Marriland Team Builder on the new Marriland website. Why version 4? The first version was for Diamond/Pearl, the second version was upgraded to use AJAX sometime around Black/White, the third version was the version on the Curse version of Marriland, so that leaves this technically as version 4.
  • Quick fix: all Gen VII names were showing as “null”. Now it’s just Type: Null that does that.
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