Hidden Ability Oranguru & Passimian Available As Gift in Pokémon Bank

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Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 3:52pm
Posted by Marriland
Oranguru and Passimian's status screens

As a reward for Pokémon Bank subscribers, Oranguru and Passimian with their Hidden Abilities are now available as a gift that can be received on Pokémon Bank by logging into the service with the Generation VII game you wish to receive them on.

Oranguru’s Hidden Ability is Symbiosis, an ability that passes the Pokémon’s held item to one of its allies in a Double or Triple Battle once that ally is no longer holding an item.

Passimian’s Hidden Ability, Defiant, is much more useful — anytime any of its stats are lowered by a foe’s stat lowering move (such as String Shot) or ability (such as Intimidate), it raises the Pokémon’s Attack by two stages afterwards.

Both Pokémon come at level 50. Oranguru comes with Instruct, Foul Play, Trick Room and Ally Switch while Passimian comes with Close Combat, U-Turn, Knock Off and Gunk Shot.

Brigette from Pokémon Bank giving the player a Passimian

You can claim these two Pokémon as Mystery Gifts by logging into Pokémon Bank (an active subscription is required) with Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon, receiving the gift from Brigette and then saving your game afterwards. You can then claim the gift Pokémon from any Pokémon Center.

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