New Trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, New Pokémon Revealed

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 6:17pm
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Not only did today bring a new trailer for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but it brought a new trailer and a lot of new information for Pokémon Legends: Arceus as well.

The trailer, shown above, showcases several new characters, the ability to change your clothes and take photographs in Jubilife Village, as well as another entirely new Pokémon that evolves from an existing one. You can also ride on certain Pokémon to make traversing the expansive region even easier by using an item received in the game, the Celestica Flute.

Alpha Pokémon

In the Hisui region, there exist strong Pokémon known as alpha Pokémon. They are stronger and larger than regular Pokémon of their species, and they have signature glowing red eyes.

They’re particularly aggressive towards players that get near them, chasing and attacking them.

Noble Pokémon

Special Pokémon in Hisui have been blessed by some sort of mysterious power, with some of them becoming exceptionally powerful and known as nobles. These special Pokémon are protected by characters throughout the region known as wardens; they watch after them and make sure they are respected and revered, although a strange phenomenon is causing them to become frenzied, requiring the Galaxy Expedition Team—that you’re a part of, as a member of the Survey Corps—to go in and stop their rampage.

Noble Pokémon seem to be somewhat similar to the Alola region’s Totem Pokémon, with them being particularly strong challenges that players need to face in order to progress in the game.

One such noble Pokémon is the new Pokémon, Kleavor, who is shown to be at level 18 while the player is battling it.

New Pokémon: Kleavor

Kleavor's official artwork

Kleavor is an entirely new Pokémon in Legends: Arceus, although it evolves from a familiar face: Scyther. That’s right, Kleavor is an alternate evolution of Scyther, and it is a strong Bug/Rock-type Pokémon classified as an “Axe Pokémon.” It is 5’11” (1.8m) and weighs 196.2 lbs (89.0kg).

Special minerals found in the Hisui region cause Scyther to evolve into this Pokémon. Parts of its body have hardened into stone. The stone parts often get chipped during fierce battles, and Kleavor that have survived many battles will display larger chipping across their bodies. It is said that the people of Hisui once used pieces of stone that had fallen from Kleavor to craft tools.

Kleavor’s description from the Press Release

Arc Phone

The Arc Phone, which definitely resembles Arceus

A useful item players get early in their adventure is the Arc Phone, which is suspected to have some connection to the Mythical Pokémon Arceus. It has some sort of strange power and can also be seen in the menus as something the player can access while navigating the world by pressing the – button.

Riding Pokémon

There are several Pokémon that are able to be ridden to make traveling across the Hisui region much easier, or to explore places that can’t be reached on foot. These require the Celestica Flute item, which players receive during their adventure. The Celestica Flute can be played anywhere to summon special Pokémon that you can ride.


One of the Pokémon that can be summoned with the Celestica Flute is Wyrdeer, which allows the player to travel quite quickly and can also jump to leap over obstacles or small pools of water.


Basculegion is another Pokémon that can be called upon with the Celestica Flute. It enables players to traverse the water, and it can also jet from the surface of the water to jump across obstacles in its path.

Hisuian Braviary

There’s also Hisuian Braviary, which allows players to fly all throughout the Hisui region, allowing to them to quickly travel around and to also scout the ground for interesting Pokémon or items.

Jubilife Village’s Facilities


You’ll be able to get all sorts of different outfits to dress your character in over at the Clothier in Jubilife Village. It appears that these are available for purchase using the standard currency, Poké Dollars.


There’s also a Hairdresser in Jubilife Village that is capable of changing your hair style and color.

Photography Studio

The Photography Studio building

Another nice feature in Jubilife Village is the Photography Studio, where you can take your Pokémon and take pictures of them along with yourself, using several different poses, props, and backgrounds to compose your shot.

General Store and Craftworks

The general store sells supplies that a player might need during their explorations, while the craftworks can be used to buy crafting recipes and materials needed to craft new items.

The Pastures

As PCs won’t be invented for quite some time, due to Legends: Arceus taking place long in the past, the equivalent area to store Pokémon you’re not bringing with you is in a place called the pastures.

This can be used to store any Pokémon that isn’t one of the six Pokémon you can bring with you in your party. Pokémon that are caught while your party is full will end up here.

Pastures are available at any base camp throughout the region and not just in Jubilife Village.

New Characters

More Screenshots

Here are a few more screenshots that were included in the press release:

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