Marriland Team Builder Is Now LIVE

Category: Site Updates
Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 9:50pm
Posted by Marriland

One of the most beloved features from the old Marriland site — the Team Builder — has been rebuilt from scratch and is now available as the first of the new Marriland website’s tools.

If you’re not familiar with the Team Builder, it’s a tool that you can use to input a team of up to six Pokémon and then it will show you the entire team’s weaknesses and resistances in a helpful table, while also showing you the total number of Pokémon weak and resistant to every type.

It’s a great way to spot any problems with your team as far as type coverage goes.

Although this is just the first version since the relaunch of the Marriland website, it’s technically the fourth version if you count the versions on previous iterations of the Marriland website, hence why I am labeling this version 4.0.1.

There are still plenty of new features to add and bugs to fix, but it’s at least functional for most use cases and I hope that it will be an invaluable resource to your Pokémon team building, regardless of if it’s for casual or competitive play!

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