First 7-star Charizard Tera Raid Battle Event Now Live

Posted by Marriland
Charizard 7-star Raid Battle card

From now until December 4, 2022 at 3:59pm PST / 6:59pm EST (23:59 UTC), a special, challenging event Tera Raid Battle is taking place, where you can challenge yourself and hopefully some friends to the first 7-star Tera Raid Battle featuring Charizard the Unrivaled.

Three Mimikyu and a Shiny Oranguru fighting a Dragon-type Charizard in a Tera Raid Battle

This Charizard in particular is exceptionally strong and will always have a Dragon Tera Type. In order to find 7-star Tera Crystals, you need to first have unlocked the ability to find 6-star Tera Crystals, which is done after beating the game and after doing more in the postgame, including rematching the Gym Leaders and winning in the Academy Ace Tournament, and then successfully defeating several 5-star Tera Raid Battles. If you haven’t done this yet, you can still join friends or groups that are able to fight 7-star Raids.

You can fight this Charizard an unlimited number of times, but you can only catch it once, and it will always have the special Mightiest Mark, which bestows a unique title to it when sent out in battle. As there are no other ways to earn this mark, it serves as a trophy for being able to defeat something so strong. You’ll also earn a variety of rewards for defeating it, including an Ability Patch and TM157 Overheat the first time you defeat it, and other good rewards including a lot of Exp. Candies, Vitamins, and more.

If you miss your chance to fight Charizard the Unrivaled this time around, you’ll be able to get another chance to take it on from December 15, 2022 at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST (00:00 UTC) until December 18, 2022 at 3:59pm PST / 6:59pm EST (23:59 UTC).

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