New 14-minute Scarlet & Violet Trailer Reveals Girafarig Evolution, Gameplay, Sandwiches

Posted by Marriland

A new 14-minute long gameplay trailer for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been released today, showcasing many gameplay elements, as well as the new evolution of Girafarig—Farigiraf. You can watch the trailer above, or you can keep reading to hear more about it.

New Pokémon


Official artwork of Farigiraf

As previously mentioned, Girafarig gets a new evolution—Farigiraf, shown above. Farigiraf retains its Normal/Psychic-type, but also gets access to two new Abilities: Cud Chew and Armor Tail.

Cud Chew activates after it uses a held berry and causes Farigiraf to consume the berry (and its effects) for a second time at the end of the turn the berry is used, so if a Sitrus Berry is consumed under normal circumstances, it will then use its effect a second time at the end of the turn.

Armor Tail is a lot more simple, but quite powerful: it prevents the opponent from using any priority moves, such as Sucker Punch or Quick Attack.

Other Unnamed Pokémon

The bottom minimap of Scarlet & Violet showing three new Pokémon and a Rookidee, described below.

In addition to Farigiraf, three more currently unidentified Pokémon have been shown on the minimap, as I first saw pointed out by @PLDHnet on Twitter. There are two of a pure white mouse-like Pokémon, one green-and-white bird with what appears to be a toupee, and then a rocky stone mushroom-like Pokémon.

The names, types, and other information of these Pokémon is not yet known, but at least they have been teased.

There are also two other potential new Pokémon visible only for a few frames, and only while zooming in. These are a lot less definitive, though.

More Information about Terastallizing

The gameplay trailer shows off a bit more information about Tera Pokémon and the Terastal Phenomenon.

  • There’s confirmation that any Pokémon is capable of having any type as its Tera Type.
  • Some wild Pokémon in the overworld have an orange glow around them. If you fight them, they’ll have a Tera Type, which will dissipate (just for the battle) after you’ve done enough damage to it, and when you catch it, it will have that Tera Type.
  • Pokémon encountered in Tera Raid Battles are still a way that you can catch Pokémon with a Tera Type, but not the only way.

Craftable TMs

Zzzt! This is the Technical Machine Machine. What service are you in need of today, Trainer?

There’s a new function available at Pokémon Centers throughout the Paldea region: Technical Machine Machines, or TM Machines for short. These allow you to craft TMs using League Points (LP) and materials, both of which can be earned by fighting against wild Pokémon.

Showing various TMs that can be crafted in the TM Machine.

As you explore the Paldea region and find more TMs, you seemingly gain the ability to craft more of them, suggesting that TMs might return to a single-use state, but that they can be crafted by gathering enough of the materials. You can also exchange materials for LP at these TM Machines.

Take a Picnic

A picnic table set up by a beach

A new mechanic for Scarlet & Violet is the ability to have a picnic while exploring the world, similar to Pokémon Camp from Sword & Shield. All of your Pokémon gather around and you can engage in playing with them, grooming/cleaning them to restore their HP and raise friendship, or making sandwiches with ingredients that can be bought from town. Yes, sandwiches. Yum.

There are benefits to eating sandwiches, though, such as increasing the catch rate while catching certain types of Pokémon, the power of your Pokémon of a certain type in Tera Raid Battles, causing your Pokémon to gain more Exp. Points, and more. These also appear to have different levels, potentially with stronger effects either as they level up or if you use better ingredients.

You can also sometimes find Pokémon Eggs while taking a picnic.

More Screenshots of the Picnic Feature


Here is some new promotional artwork from the game showcasing many of the characters.

Some key artwork showing several Pokémon, characters, and the school in the background
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