Nintendo Direct Reveals Two New Pokémon, Pokémon Camp, and Customization

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Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed more information about Pokémon Sword & Shield. Below is a list of some of the things that were announced in the update.

  • Trainer Customization is back. You can choose all sorts of different jackets, gloves, clothes, and more for your player character, as well as changing hairstyle, makeup, and other features with ease. There are many more customization options available than past games.
  • Pokémon Camp allows you to set up camp while you’re out exploring and let all of your Pokémon out to unwind. You can play with your Pokémon using different items and can also call your Pokémon over to you.
  • Pokémon Camp lets you cook up curry and you can add different ingredients. These curry dishes can heal your team, grant them EXP, and make them more friendly towards you, among other effects. Over 100 types of curry are in the game and there’s even a Currydex to keep track of all of the different curry you make.
  • You can visit the Pokémon Camps of other players while visiting the Wild Area. Up to four players can hang out, make curry, and play with all of their Pokémon in a camp, and this can be done online (requires a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership) or via local wireless (for free).
  • Wonder Trades are returning, except they’ve been renamed to Surprise Trades. One difference is that there is support for local wireless Surprise Trades.
  • One new Pokémon revealed today is Polteageist. It’s a pure Ghost-type Pokémon that has Weak Armor for its ability.
  • The second new Pokémon revealed is Cramorant. It’s a Flying/Water-type Pokémon with a new ability Gulp Missile, which causes it to catch a fish after it uses Surf or Dive, and if it takes damage while it has a fish in its mouth, it retaliates by spitting the fish at the attacker.
  • Alcremie has also been shown to have an alternate variation that is more green in hue and has clover markings. There are at least 18 total variations of color and flavor for Alcremie.

Here are a few screenshots from today’s update.

New Pokémon

Pokémon Camp & Making Curry

Trainer Customization

Surprise Trades

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