New Pokémon List Page Updated for Scarlet & Violet

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Posted by Marriland
Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco

It’s been a busy few days and almost a full week since the worldwide release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet! I’ve managed to play through the main storyline of the game, so now I have a much clearer understanding of what the next steps will be for the Marriland website.

Before I proceed with updating the Marriland Team Builder (just minor stuff—it works just fine now for Scarlet & Violet!), adding a functional Pokédex for Scarlet & Violet, and, of course, writing a walkthrough for the game, I wanted to go through the various Scarlet & Violet pages to update them with more accurate information based on the actual games instead of just pre-release information.

I’ve got plenty of content pages planned that I’ll be writing up over the next few days to cover a lot of information that would be helpful, such as boss fights, progression, and a few other things. But something else that was important was to get a list of ALL of the new Pokémon put together!

Over there, you’ll be able to see pictures and basic information on all of the new Pokémon, including their evolutions, how to evolve them, their stats, types, Abilities, and their pictures.

Eventually, I’ll have all of this in an actual working Pokédex, so it will be searchable, show their moves, egg groups, etc., you know, all of that cool stuff, but hey, for right now, this will hopefully give you a place to look through all of the new additions!

What’s Next for the Marriland Website?

There’s a lot to do, that’s for sure, and I’m just one person working extra hard on the site, so I figure I’d show you what the current plan is!

  • Finish updating a few more content pages for the Scarlet & Violet section.
    • I’ve still got to update the list of returning Pokémon so you know all of the old Pokémon that are available, since that will be helpful.
    • Also updating the New Characters page, although a lot of these characters will be added to their own dedicated pages.
    • Add Gym Leader pages, an Elite Four page, and pages for Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Operation Starfall.
    • Maybe add a few more basic pages about useful things like picnics, Tera Raids, and possibly a FAQ page for questions that pop up regularly.
  • Update the Marriland Team Builder for a few things:
    • Need to add support for the new Generation IX moves (these aren’t in yet, sorry!) for Advanced Mode.
    • Need to add full support for Pokémon/Form/Ability/Move names in languages other than English. (You have to use English names for now, sorry!)
  • Work begins on the Marriland Scarlet & Violet Pokédex.
    • This is going to be pretty tricky since I’m planning on building it from the bottom up again and focus exclusively on Scarlet & Violet to avoid making things too confusing.
    • It’s ambitious, but I still hope I can get it done within the next week or two.
  • Work begins on writing the Scarlet & Violet Walkthrough.
    • I know a walkthrough would be nice to have while getting through the game, but a lot of you are trailblazers right now, getting the game early, and I genuinely feel all of the other things will help more in the present.
    • My goal is to have the walkthrough fully written by the end of the year, even though that will be a lot of writing and routing. This by nature is time consuming due to how much writing is involved, but it will be very useful when it is done.

I hope you enjoyed getting a little sneak peek at what’s to come! Thank you for your patience, and thank you for enjoying your time here on the Marriland website!

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